Working as an Effective Team

Team working is possible on SMS Magic Converse App features such as conversation assignment, view related conversation, round robin assignment etc. Below are key use case to work as a effective team.

Team SpecificUse casesHow to Get Started
SalesHow to Assign Conversations ?: Morgan figures out a salesforce queue with Rony’s help and he got ben and john included there and now he wants to assign conversations to queueUse the “Assign Conversations” feature to assign the single or bulk conversation to a queue or user
Sales How to do Round-robin Assignment ?: Morgan has figured out that queue setup is taking time and he wants leads to be assigned in a round-robin fashion to agentsRound robin and queue setup, both are configurable, contact at
ServiceCanned Templates: Thomas is allowed to communicate to customers using canned responses onlyCanned responses use pre-defined templates, configure it in conversations sections in Settings
Marketing Bulk Campaigns: Seema runs bulk campaigns to list of leads and nurture them with automation Bulk SMS feature with trigger sources can fulfill this use-case
Marketing Recurring Messaging: Seema uses the marketing plan to run SMS scheduled recurring campaigns across weeksUse the “Schedule” feature on Bulk SMS on the list, reports, salesforce campaigns & campaign manager 
GeneralRelated Conversations across Objects: John was working along with Thomas on one customer issue and he wants to see all communications to customer across salesforce orgWith “Related conversations” you can  pull up parent and siblings conversations 
GeneralTemplated Messaging: John wanted multiple predefined templates with merge fields Set Object-specific templates and use information objects for cross objects merge fields 

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