Interact On Zoho

1. Do you work on custom modules?

Yes, we do work on custom modules. We can create a button to send out texts from the custom modules. For that you need to physically enter the number into the fields, similar to the fields in leads and contacts where you enter the customer’s name and other fields.

2. Can we schedule texts for a particular date and time?

Yes. We have the automation process where we can set up workflows. Thia means creating a rule, basically a webhook which you can use to send automated texts

3. Will I be charged for the incoming messages?

No, you won’t be charged seperately. SMS credits will be consumed for the texts that you send out.

4. How are the SMS credits consumed?

It’s based on the text length, i.e. the number of characters in the text. If its 160 characters it will consume 1 SMS credit and so on.

5. Is the automation similar to that of the blueprints?

The transitions states that you use in the blueprint are slightly different from that of the Workflows. We will have to look into the kind of blueprint you have and then only we can figure out how we can enable the texting functionality.

6. What is the meaning of number of users?

The number of users is nothing but the individuals to whom you are thinking of giving the texting ability.

7. Can we create related lists?

Yes, we can create related lists using our own functions.

8. How can I know if I have an incoming notification?

For that, we can set up an automation to notify the particular user over mail which would include the lead link to that particular lead.

9. Can I be notified about incoming SMS on the custom modules?

Yes. It is possible to send out SMS from the custom module. We can also add a related list where you can view the incoming SMS as well as the outgoing SMS with that particular lead. On the automation, for email notification, we can give the link for the SMS history where you can view the incoming text. (but the detailed information for the particular custom module won’t be possible)

10. Where can I view the entire SMS history?

When you install the app on the CRM we provide you 3 basic modules. You can view the entire history from the SMS history module. You can also open the particular lead in the leads module where you will able to view the in and outs with the particular lead.

11. Could you please tell me what kind of number can we use to send out SMS?

You can easily send out SMS using a landline number/toll-free/VOIP. We can procure a number from our side or you can give us your existing number. We will have to check with our providers so that we can get the number text enabled. The numbers that we provide do not have calling functionality but we can call forward on the numbers that you plan to take calls on.

12. Is call forwarding possible on the number that I am going to use?

Yes, it is possible. We can forward the call to your office number or any particular number you wish to use for calling. It would be charged ($100 per number/per year, unlimited minutes of forwarding)

13. How can I manage my opt-outs?

If you are using any standard module like lead and contacts, we can create automation where we can checkbox the SMS option. For any custom module where you wish to go for an opt-out, we have our own keyword management system where on a response on incoming for keywords like STOP / QUIT can be used to block the SMS from being sent out from the portal itself.

14. How can I create SMS templates?

You can create SMS template from the portal by choosing the SMS template option. You can then send out the SMS from the picklist in the template.

15. How is the pricing for the users and texting?

We have our standard pricing from $180 for 1 user for 1 phone number and 1000 SMS credits. If you wish to buy more SMS credits, you need to pay $12 for a 1000 SMS credit pack.

16. Can we get a discount?

Yes, we do offer discounts in some cases. Usually, we give discounts to the non-profits but it also depends on the number of users you are planning to buy. I will send you the quote over mail to avoid any confusions. If the number of users are around 20, I can have a word with my management to negotiate with the pricing.

17. Can I send out SMS for marketing purpose?

Yes. If you have shortcode, it will work, else we can procure from our side. Else you can have multiple long codes to send the texts. Because if you are planning to send out SMS to 300 people, there are more chances that the number might get spammed. With multiple long codes you can send out texts in batches of 100 (up to 200 max.)

18. Upto how many recipients can I send the SMS on Zoho?

You can select upto a 100 recipients on Zoho to send out SMS.

20. How can I send SMS to the recipients in bulk from the portal?

To send SMS to the recipients in bulk, you can upload the CSV file on the portal.

21. The send SMS button takes you to the portal, but not from within the CRM! What about the privacy?

Yes, we do maintain privacy. The data is on the AWS servers and only a few authorities have access to it. So there are no chances of the data being hacked.

22. Is there a limit on sending out SMS on a particular day?

Yes, there is a limit on sending SMS. You can send 200 SMS per day.