Object Description

Object NameDescription
Conversation_Recipient_Map__cThis object contains the value of the Conversation lookup.
SenderId_Profile_Map__cThis object contains the profile ID related to the sender ID of the user.
Error_Log__cThis object stores the error log raised while using the Converse application.
AccessibleChannels__cThis object contains the value whether MMS and SMS is enabled or not for user .
SMS_Batch_Execution_Tracker__cThe object stores batch related information for Campaign.
Conversation_View_Setting__cCustom setting to filter the incoming and outgoing messages’ records based on user selection.
SMS_Magic_Package_Type__cThis object stores the package type.
Converse_App__cThis is the container object for driving the SMS usage through SMS-Magic in planned manner. The object gives an easy way to control and use SMS-Magic. The object also gives control on Template usage.
Converse_Desk_Recently_Used_Filters__cThis object stores recently used listview filters or converse apps on converse desk.
Unrelated_Object_Config__cThis object stores information about parent object.
SMS_Magic_Security_Setting__cThis is SMS-Magic Security setting object. For storing the APP key, API key and user’s register status.
Object_Metadata_Config__cThis object stores label of page or button created through Interact package.
CampaignNot part of package.
SMS_Magic_SetUp_Tracker__cThis setting will hold the values of the steps that have been completed by the user.
global_settings__cA place to store all system wide custom settings used to configure behavior of SMS Magic Interact application
Incoming_SMS__cYou can receive incoming sms to this number.
Keyword_Action_Config__cTo be used in future.
License__cStores information of a license whether a license is active or not.
Update_Related_Lists__cUpdate related lists of incoming and outgoing messages on lead conversion
Child_Object_Config__cTo be used in future.
Object_Field_Config__cStores field name to be used by Message Object Config object.
SMS_Template__cSMS Template is similar to Email template, it gives way to add personalization to bulk sms’ing.
Disable_Triggers_Execution__cThis setting allows administrators to disable certain triggers on SMS Magic managed package.
Keyword_Action_Map__cStores the keyword info for converse app action.
Converse_App_User_Map__cStores the info of users assigned to converse app.
Action__cStores the supported actions on conversation.
MMS_Detail__cStores the MMS detail of Outgoing.
Incoming_MMS_Detail__cStores the MMS detail of Incoming.
Message_Object_Config__coperator to be used to check if record is opted out
Action_Parameter__cStores the parameter details for supported actions.
Converse_App_Action__cAs Converse App is container of SMS activities like Bulk SMS, Automated SMS, We need a sub object which will be used to store the Activity instruction level details. E.g. Bulk for sub purpose A, B,C or An automation configurations for each of workflow rule.
Converse_Desk_User_Config__cThis object will store information about which fields to be used to for showing conversation listing. This setting will be configurable per user.
Acknowledgement_Popup_Setting__cThis setting is used to show or hide popup message on send sms button click of record detail page.
Keyword__cStores the keyword info.
Converse_App_Task__cStores the instance for converse app when bulk , single or automated messages are sent.
Converse_App_Template_Map__cFor mapping templates with converse Apps
Action_Object__cStores action supported for MOC objects.
Alpha_SenderID_Map__cStores the return path of alpha numeric sender id.
smsMagic__cSMS-Magic object in Interact, This is basic Object which stores information about Outgoing SMS.
SMS_Magic_URL_Setting__cThis is used for configuring sms magic interacts endpoints.
SMS_Schedule__cStores the schedule for sending out messages.
Conversation_Related_Objects__cStores the related object info of a conversation.
Conversation_Sender_Map__cStores the sender id for conversations.
License_Management__cStores the number of SMC licenses for org.
SMS_SenderId__cid of email template which should be used for notification
Conversation_Intent_Map__cNot part of package.
Conversation__cThis object stores the conversations.

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