Manage SMS-Magic Converse User Licences

By default, the user who has installed SMS-Magic is assigned 1 trial license and that the user(admin) can assign a trial license to its users. You can add users by assigning one SMS-Magic Converse license per user. Only licensed users can access the SMS-Magic Converse. You can purchase more required user licenses after registration. 

The User Management screen displays the following information:

  • Plan type you have purchased
  • The total number of licenses assigned to the Plan type
  • The number of available licenses
  • The number of licenses used

If the number of users is more than the number of licenses available, the Admin can purchase more licenses by connecting with

You can add more users by clicking Add New and entering at least three characters to search for the name or email addresses. After adding the new user, the following happens:

  • A license is consumed from the available licenses.
  • The new user is listed in the User’s List.

You can only add active users

You can remove a user from the User’s List and free a license for reuse. After confirming the removal of a user, the following happens:

  • A license is added to the available licenses.
  • The user is removed from the User’s List.

You can also associate user licenses directly to a profile. All users within that profile will be eligible to use that license. However, if the number of users sharing that profile exceeds the available licenses then you will have to purchase additional licenses.

Add a User 

1. To assign a user to an SMS-Magic Converse license:

2. In the Converse Settings tab, click User Management.

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3. Click Add New.

4. Enter at least three characters to search for the name or email addresses.

5. Select the users or profiles from the list.

6. Click Assign License to select the license type you want to assign to the user.

7. Click Add. The new user or profile shows up on the User Management List.

Remove a User 

To remove SMS-Magic Converse license for a user:

1. In the Converse Settings tab, click User Management.

2. Click next to the user in the User’s List. 

3. The selected user appears in the Remove User list. Click Remove.

4. SMS-Magic license is returned to the pool of available licenses.

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