Unable to receive Text/Email notification for Incoming Messages

Issue Scenario

A user does not receive any Email/Text notification for incoming messages.

Possible Causes

The following are the possible causes for the issue:

•“Notification on incoming” flag is set to False on the Salesforce org.

•The user is not assigned to the sender ID and thus does not meet the criteria of “user assigned to sender ID” that has been defined as a notification parameter.

•Multiple users are assigned to a single Sender ID and therefore is not eligible to receive notifications based on the “user assigned to sender ID” notification parameter.

•The user is not the last sender and therefore does not meet the criteria for the “Last sender” that has been defined as a  notification parameter.

•There are more than 200,000 SMS History records (for “Last sender” notification).

•The user does not have permission to the object and its field where the incoming SMS record is stored (SMS History or Incoming SMS). Also, they do not have access to the Conversations object.

•If the “Notification on incoming” is set to False, the customer might have set up workflows/process builder for custom email alerts and the logic for that might be incorrect.

•Emails are going to the SPAM folder of customer’s email Inbox

•Customer’s IT team might have filters on employees Inbox which might be causing the issue.


Follow the given procedure to solve the issue:

1.Under Converse Settings click Sender ID & Assignment.

2.Slide the “Notification on incoming” toggle button and set it to True to enable the customer to receive emails alerts using our logic

3.Make sure that  the user is assigned to a sender ID to ensure that it receives notifications when the “user assigned to sender ID” notification value is defined.

4.Also ensure that only one user is assigned to a sender ID (for “user assigned to sender ID” notification)

5.Verify the last sender who needs to be notified.

6.If there are more than 200,000 SMS History records, then, you will need to index the mobile field.
Refer the solution document available in the URL below follow a recommended practice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PsBNr8PQuKD_abbRwggCZTtfGQqedAdAU74tzqlZ10k/edit?usp=sharing

7.Grant the user appropriate access to the SMS History/Incoming SMS object and Conversations object.

8.Review the custom automation rule for email alerts configured on the customers org and modify the logic accordingly.

9.Reach out to the CS team for further assistance  or contact the Dev team if you are still unable to resolve the logic.

10.Request the customer to mark these emails as Not spam.

11.Ask the customer to check with his IT team.

For the last two steps in the procedure mentioned above, check if the emails are actually triggered from Salesforce by setting up email logs. This helps to ensure whether emails were triggered at a specific time.
For more details, refer the following Salesforce Help document at – Request an Email Log

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