Importing Existing Consents

Prior to the 1.59 release, we used to store consent information such as Opted-In or Opted-Out on the object record detail page. The disadvantage of this way of storing consent information is when the same number exists for two lead records and one record has opted-in and another record has opted-out information, the system will block one message but will still send the message to another record.

To overcome the above problem, we maintain consent information in the Consent object and not at the object record level. These consent records are referred to when a user attempts to send messages via bulk, automated, or manually. 

So, if you are upgrading from a lower version to a higher version falling under below mentioned scenarios, you will have to create/import your existing consent records using batch processing or data loader.

  • Customers who were on the version below v1.59 and are upgrading to v1.59/v1.60 to maintain consent information in the consent object.
  • Customers who were on the version below v1.59 and are upgrading to v1.64 to maintain consent information in the consent object.
  • Customers who were already on v1.59 /v1.60 with WhatsApp and Facebook consent information captured in the consent object and are now upgrading to v1.64 / above to maintain channel specific consent information in the consent object.

Please refer to the following list of fields, field API names, and their purpose in order to put correct values in CSV file to import consents successfully.

LeadField API NamePurpose
Phone NumberNameSelect the Mobile Number that is selected as the consent parameter
for creating the consent record.
SenderIdsmagicinteract__SenderId__cSelect the Sender ID that will be used to create the consent record. This field is important only if you select Sender ID as one of the parameters for creating the consent record. You may skip this field if it has not been defined as a parameter in your compliance configurations.

After upgrading to v1.64 and above, when you are importing consents for channels other than SMS, Sender ID will be considered as a mandatory parameter.
Content Typesmagicinteract__Content_Type__cSelect the Content-type for which the consent request will be created. You may skip this field if content-type is not selected as a parameter to collect consent requests in your compliance configurations
Compliance Statussmagicinteract__Compliance_Status__cYou can put the compliance status values as a string, the consent status that shall be recorded i.e. Opt-Out, Opt-In or Pending, etc.
recordId(Object Lookup)smagicinteract__Contact__cYou need to add an object-specific reference to the record Id field.
Sourcesmagicinteract__Source__cEnter the consent source: Incoming SMS / Non-Handset
Channelsmagicinteract__Channel__cEnter channel-specific record ID from the channel master object.
This is only required while importing consents to version 1.64 and above.
commentMsgsmagicinteract__Comment__cAdd a text on how the consent was obtained.
Confirmation Configsmagicinteract__Confirmation_Config__cSelect the confirmation configuration ID from the Confirmation Config object
Do Not Send Confirmationsmagicinteract__Do_Not_Send_Confirmation__cSelect this value as true if you do not wish to send a confirmation message. Select this value as false if you wish to send a confirmation message

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