Compliance with LINE Messaging

LINE guidelines on user consent

As per Line Messaging Guidelines, user consent is required for the LINE Official Account to be able to access user profile information, which includes display name, profile image, status message, and user ID.

Users who add your LINE Official Account as a friend or invite it to a chat automatically consent to their profile information being obtained.

SMS-Magic Compliance with LINE

Businesses capturing the recipient’s explicit LINE opt-ins as per the LINE guidelines mentioned above can use our out of box compliance configuration feature to set up and enforce compliance checks for LINE outbound messages.


1.Whenever a LINE user will add your Business LINE Official Account as a friend or invite it to a chat, SMS-Magic captures this ‘follow’ request by the LINE user, and our out-of-box compliance feature will automatically create an opt-in consent record against the LINE user ID. You will then be able to respond to the user.

Channel Events:

  • First, the Channel Events gets captured as shown in the image below. Under the ‘Message’ section, you can see whether the user has followed or unfollowed your channel.
Channel events line

Consent Creation:

  • Then, based on the follow/unfollow status, opt-in and opt-out consent will be mapped and the Consent will get created against that channel:
Consent Creation

Channel event in conversation UI:

  • Then the same event will be seen in the conversation UI as shown below:
Channel event in conversation UI

2.Similarly, upon receiving the un-follow request from the user, the system will automatically create/update the consent record associated with the LINE  user.

3.System will apply a compliance check for all the LINE messages sent across all UI and non-UI sources considering the multichannel compliance configurations done at the org level.

Please click here to know detailed information on setting up Multichannel Compliance.

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