Creating WhatsApp Templates

According to your use case, you can create templates and tag it to single/multiple/all channels. Once you tag a template to the WhatsApp channel, you will be asked to fill the channel-specific information along with the basic template information. Channel specific information will be only required while adding WhatsApp approved registered templates.

You can add non-registered templates as well just by tagging them with WhatsApp channel where channel-specific information won’t be required and these can be only used for sending WhatsApp session messages i.e. in the recipients 24 hr active window.

We will be tagging your existing templates with all channels so that you need not have to perform an additional step to use them for WhatsApp messaging.

In case of creating double opt-in compliance configurations for WhatsApp, you will first have to create a template for the consent confirmation message. You must select the primary object as ‘Consent’ keeping the template text the same as WhatsApp registered template text. You can then select the created template while configuring double opt-in settings.

  1. You must select the checkbox ‘Is registered WhatsApp template?’ only while adding WhatsApp registered templates.
  2. If required, you can get in touch with the support team at to know the values for channel-specific fields with respect to your registered WhatsApp template.
  3. While adding a registered WhatApp template, the template text should match with the registered template text and the parameters in the text should be replaced with merge fields.
  4. For now, we support template creation up to 700 characters only. So make sure that your registered WhatsApp template does not exceed the allowed characters limit.

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