Assign Conversations

  1. On the Converse Desk, select a filter. The conversation list appears.

  2. Click on the conversation row you want to assign and then click Assign Conversation from the drop-down menu that appears. A selected check box appears next to the conversation.

    • You can also click the icon on the individual message reply panel and then select assign conversations from the drop-down menu that appears to assign single conversations.
    • All users to whom you assign conversations need to have full read permissions. Contact your System Administrator to understand the permission status of individual users.

  3. Select all the conversations that you want to assign.
  4. Click Assign Conversation. The Assign Conversation dialog box appears displaying the number of conversations you have selected for assigning.

  5. In the search box, enter the first three initials of the user to whom you want to assign the conversations.
  6. Select the user name.
  7. Click Assign. The selected conversations are assigned to the user.

  8. The user to whom the conversation is assigned will receive an email notification.

    Conversation Reassignment Notification.
    Here on the top right-hand side of the page, you can see a notification with a message (New Conversation Assigned). The users will be notified that new conversation has been reassigned.

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