Create a New Template

On the Select Templates page, you can create new templates or select from the list of available templates. These templates are associated with the app. If needed, you can remove the template from the app.

To Create a New Template:

1. In the SMS-Magic Converse application, click on the Converse Apps tab.

2. Click on the App to open the app details page.

3. Click Setup and select Template.

4. On the Select Templates, page click Create New.

5. In the Create New Template widget enter a name in the Template Name field.

6. Enter the description of the template.

7. Select a content type from the Select Content Type list.

8. In Insert Merge Field, select the Object type and the Merge Field to personalize your template.

9. In Enter Template Text, type the template message in the text box that the recipient will receive.

11. In Type, select the activity type for which the template is being created.

12. Click Create.

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