Enabling the LINE Messaging API

Login to the LINE developers console using your LINE credentials and follow the below steps. 

  • Create a Line channel of type ‘messaging API’ and connect it with SMS-Magic – Requires all steps
  • Use an already created channel of type messaging API and connect it with SMS-Magic – You can directly start from step 6 if you are planning to use the existing created channel of type ‘Messaging API’.
  1. Click on the ”+ Create New Provider” button. A provider acts as a container of LINE apps.
Create New Provider
  1. Enter the required details and click on the “Create” button
provider doesn't have any channels
  1. Next, select “Create Channel” for the Messaging API option
  2. Fill in these details for your new LINE app. These details will be visible to end-users as your business profile information.
create channel on line
create channel 2nd fold
  1. Next, review the Terms of Use, click to accept them, and then click on the “Create” button
Create channel terms of use url
  1. Now select your newly created app/provider
Select newly created provider
  1. The Messaging API section displays your channel Bot ID as shown below. LINE recipients can search for your business channels with this ID.
Messaging channel api bot id
  1. Among the options locate the “Messaging API” section and then issue a “Channel access token” by clicking on the ‘Issue’ button
Issue Channel Token
Channel Access Token
  1. Next, enable the use of webhooks by adding the webhook URL in Webhook settings under the ‘Messaging API’ section.
    US Webhook URL: https://api.sms-magic.com/messages/incoming/line
    Australia Webhook URL: https://aus-api.sms-magic.com/messages/incoming/line
    Europe Webhook URL: https://eu.api.sms-magic.com/messages/incoming/line
Channel Webhook URL setting
  1. Once the Webhook URL is added, click on verify and it should give you a successful response
Verify channel webhook
Webhook verified successfully
  1. After that enable the Webhook URL using the toggle button given
Enable webhook for use
  1. In the ‘Messaging API section, disable the LINE official account features such as Allow Bot to join group chats, Auto-reply messages, and Greeting messages.
Messaging API Section
  1. Click on the Edit option which will take you to the ‘LINE official account manager console
Line official messaging account console
Line official messaging account console detailed settings
  1. Verify that LINE official account features such as Allow Bot to join group chats, Auto-reply messages, and Greeting messages are disabled.
Verify that LINE official account features
  1. You are now ready to connect your LINE messaging account with SMS-Magic. Follow the next steps to send your first LINE message.

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Important Announcement!

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