Edit a Template

  1. Log in to the SMS-Magic Converse application.
  2. Click the Converse Templates tab. The Converse Templates page appears.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the template you want to edit. The template is selected.

  4. Select multiple checkboxes if you want to edit multiple templates.

  5. Click and then select Edit. The Edit Template page appears.

  6. Edit the details as required. The following table provides details on individual fields.
    Template NameEnter an identifier for the Template.
    Primary ObjectDisplays the primary object that is associated with the template.
    This field cannot be modified.
    DescriptionType a small summary to describe the template.
    Content TypeSelect the content type that you want to tag to the template.
    Template TextType the default template text.
    Insert Merge FieldSelect the fields to personalize the template.
  8. Click Save. The template is modified.

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