Configure Converse App Task in Marketing Cloud


The Marketing Cloud Platform is a Customer Relationship Management platform from Salesforce that allows Marketers to establish and manage marketing relationships with their customers.

You can send automated messages through Salesforce Marketing Cloud using Converse App tasks. You can associate templates for sending messages from the Marketing Cloud. Converse App tasks are configured within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Journey Builder.


Integrating SMS-Magic with Marketing Cloud requires the following prerequisites:

  • Marketing Cloud is connected to your Sales or Service Cloud
  • SMS-Magic Converse is installed on your Sales or Service Cloud
  • SMS-Magic Converse version is 1.50 or higher

SMS-Magic on Salesforce Configurations 

1. Create a Converse App and select the respective object

2. Create SMS Templates

3. Generate Automation key reference from Converse Apps


Marketing Cloud Configurations

1. Go to Journey builder and Create or Select existing marketing journey

2. Once the journey is defined with the data source you have to drag the Object Activity as shown below:

2. Search for Converse App task in the Object Activity 

3. Create a New record by following a few steps

4. Copy Action Key from Converse App (Created in step 1.3)

5. Add Automation Key reference value 

5. Select Contact or respective object ID

The configuration is complete.

Wherever you have the use case of sending SMS from the Marketing cloud’s Journey builder, you can add Object Activity >> Converse App task >> and configure the action key as per required templates for that Marketing journey. 


  1. Make sure to allocate the SMS-Magic license to the user who is creating the task in Salesforce from the marketing cloud. 
  2. Assign the SMS-Magic Permission set to the user.

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