Types of Salesforce Communities

Communities are created for connecting with customers, external partners, and employees.

Customer Community

A customer community is a self-service portal offering support and feedback such as FAQs, documentation, articles, and discussions with other customers using a Salesforce Success Community. This helps organizations to share relevant information, increase engagement, and create an enhanced customer experience.

For example, consider an insurance provider who may create a community for their customers to get policy details, check payment dates, download receipts, pay a premium, buy a new policy, raise a claim or seek out customer support for questions, etc.

Partner Community

A partner community is an information hub especially for B2B organizations that enables resellers and sales teams to access required data and collaborate in real-time to win more deals. Here, partners can swiftly manage their business, get the required business support, learn best practices, and collaborate with Salesforce employees in a secure environment.

Some businesses use a partner community to accept and qualify leads, track revenue and manage cases. For example, consider a recruitment firm that could create a partner community for companies for recruitment. The community would provide companies an ability to create or close job openings, track the progress, schedule interviews, etc.

Employee Community

An employee community is a portal especially for HR and IT information, allowing them to connect with each other, offering them a single space for training material, shared files, schedules, searchable knowledge databases, project management, and organizational announcements or documentation.

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