Overview of Conversive Buttons

Embedded messaging is a conversational interface or messaging entry point for your business. With embedded messaging, you can get high-intent inbound conversations from everywhere and create a conversation-first experience. Embedded messaging guides prospects throughout the conversation path from everywhere by adding messaging entry points to your emails, web pages, hoardings, pamphlets, and much more. Enable direct and personal conversations when your prospects and customers need you the most, i.e. when they are seeking more information, making up their minds, and evaluating service providers like you. 

SMS-Magic makes it easy for you to connect with your audience through personalized messaging via their preferred channels, including text messaging, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Conversive buttons is the very first step towards embedded messaging. Conversive buttons help businesses to deliver value faster by engaging with customers across the phases of attracting, engaging, onboarding, and support.

Companies would be enabled to invite customers to converse with them across websites, SMS & WhatsApp channels. This will help them get started with messaging quickly and get maximum value from it by being reachable to their customers on their favorite messaging channels.

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Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.