Entity Registration under New Regulation of TRAI (DLT) in India

!! Important !! Entity Registration under New Regulation of TRAI (DLT) in India | 31st May 2020

TRAI is in the process of implementing the TCCCPR guidelines by 31st May 2020.  In adherence to the upcoming implementation of these regulations, it is mandatory for all Businesses, Enterprises (Principal Entities), and Telemarketers to register with operators on the DLT platform with their headers or sender IDs and content templates.

As per the direction from TRAI, all operators need to restrict traffic for principal entities who have not registered themselves, their headers, or sender IDs on DLT. The onboarding process begins with Entity/Enterprise registration followed by Header (Sender ID) registration and Template Registration. We will keep you posted in a phase-wise manner.

The new regulations can be accessed here:

We recommend customers to register at the earliest as an entity. Without registration, you would be unable to send any SMS once DLT comes into effect.

We request customers to proactively engage in this and register through the following links as Principle Entity (Enterprise) to comply with the new regulation. Please note that anyone who fails to register will become non-compliant. You can register with the telecom operator of your choice.

After DLT registration, customers can send the below details while raising a case with the SMS-Magic Support Team <care@screen-magic.com> so that we can send that information to our carrier partners in India. This will enable customers messaging via SMS-Magic with their DLT implementation which will take around 3-5 working days once we get the required information.

#Step DetailOwnerTimelineDocumentation
1Complete DLT registration with 3 mentioned telecom operators i.e. Vodafone, Airtel, and Videocon.CustomerDepends on the telecom operator you are dealing with.Please check PDF attached for step by step guide
2After DLT registration, share the document with SMS-Magic Team so that messaging via SMS-Magic continue working as expected.CustomerDepends on Customer.
  1. SMS templates used for sending SMS along with a dynamic character limit
  2. 6 character alphabetical mask (sender ID): e.g. SMAGIC
  3. Opt-in proof (which is a screenshot of the org which shows a sample of few of the customer’s details like Name, mobile number, registration date (it should be within last 6 months i.e. latest) that would be stored in your org and you should also have your company’s logo at the top-left corner)
  4. Company Website
  5. Company Name
  6. Screenshot of DLT registration approved confirmation (Screenshot of confirmation email from Airtel)
  7. DLT registration ID
  8. Registration Certificate
3Share the required information with our carrier Team and enable DLT for customer with SMS-MagicSMS-Magic Support3-5 working days after we get all the detail needed.

In case of any queries, feel free to write to/call our Customer Support Team at: 

Email ID: care@sms-magic.com Phone: US: 1-888-568-1315 | UK: 0-808-189-1305 | AUS: 1-800-823-175

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