10DLC US A2P Pricing & Fees

Here you will find the various fees associated with 10DLC A2P messaging for transactional and promotional purposes. To know more about the 10DLC regulation and registration process, visit our 10DLC wiki.

Attention: Extended 10DLC registration deadline by US Carriers and FCC: May 31, 2023. Register now to prevent messaging disruptions starting Jun 1, 2023.

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10DLC pricing overview

Three types of fees are associated with A2P 10DLC messaging, namely the registration fees, campaign fees, and vetting charges (optional).

Sr. No.CategoryFees
1Brand Registration$4
2Campaign RegistrationVaries from campaign to campaign
3Vetting (Optional)$40

10DLC Brand Registration Fees

The brand registration fee of $4 is applicable while registering your U.S. A2P brand, immediately when they are approved. Basically, these are the standard one-time registration fees that are charged at the time of 10DLC registration in the U.S. 

10DLC Campaign Registration Fees

The brand registration fee of $4 is applicable while registering your U.S. A2P brand, immediately when they are approved. Basically, these are the standard one-time registration fees that are charged at the time of 10DLC registration in the U.S. 

The table below shows campaign registration fees (use case types) that will be available for registration under the United States A2P 10DLC.

Sr. No.Campaign use case typeCost
1Standard use cases (See all standard fees here)$10/month
2Low-volume* mixed use-case$1.50/month
3Special: Charity / 501(c)(3) Nonprofit$3/month
4Special: Emergency Services$5/month

Additional vetting (optional) fee

Those who opt for vetting will have to bare primary vetting charges. Vetting is also provisioned with secondary charges that enable businesses to maximize their daily limits and throughput.

The main benefit of opting for secondary vetting is that your brand will go under an additional review from carriers; which in return will maximize the throughput for every campaign and enable higher daily messaging limits. This will maximize the trust score and assure the accuracy of information.

Find out more about A2P 10DLC messaging capacity/throughput in the Messaging Capacity document here.

Standard campaign use cases fee

Campaign TypeUseCampaign Registry Monthly Fee
2FAAny authentication, verification, or one-time passcode$10
Account NotificationStandard notifications for account holders, relating to and being about an account$10
Customer CareAll customer interaction, including customer care and customer support including appointment reminders$10
Delivery NotificationInformation about the status of the delivery of a product or service$10
Fraud Alert MessagingMessaging regarding potential fraudulent activity related to an account$10
Higher EducationCampaigns created on behalf of Colleges and Universities. It also includes School Districts and educational institutions that fall outside of the “free to the consumer” messaging model$10
Low-Volume MixedSmall throughput, any combination of uses$2
Machine to MachineNon-human, wireless communication between two or more physical assets$10
MarketingAny campaign with marketing and/or promotional content$10
MixedAny undeclared combination of uses$10
Polling and VotingRequests for surveys and voting for non-political purposes$10
Public Service AnnouncementAny informational message meant to raise an audience’s awareness around an important issue$10
Security AlertA notification that the security of a system, either hardware or software, has been compromised and action needs to be taken$10

Special campaign use cases fee

Apart from the standard campaign use case fees, there are some special campaign use case fees as below. These are applicable on case to case basis.

Campaign TypeUseCampaign Registry Monthly Fee
Agents and FranchisesBrands that have multiple agents, franchises, or offices but require individual local phone numbers for each$30
Carrier ExemptionsExempt campaigns designated by carriers$10
CharityMessages from a registered charity including 5013C charities, but excluding religious organizations$3
EmergencyMessages promoting public safety and health following a natural disaster, conflict, or any other emergency situation$5
K-12 EducationMessaging for K-12 educational institutions and distance learning centers, but not post-secondary school$10
Political CampaignsAny messaging intended to influence the decision-making of a specific group, but for pre-vetted Federal campaigns and select organizations only.$10
ProxyPeer-to-peer, app-based messaging with proxy/pooled numbers$10
SocialMessaging within or between closed communities like influencers’ alerts$10
Sole ProprietorSole Proprietors are individuals with a billing address but without an EIN / Tax ID$.75
SweepstakeMessaging for or around sweepstakes and contests$10
Platform Free TrialFree trial messaging$0
UCaaS High-VolumeUnified communication as a service$10
UCaaS Low-VolumeUnified communication as a service$2

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Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.