How to Choose Right SMS Service or Provider

SMS messaging came into existence back in the year 1992. Even today, SMS messaging is in demand and is one of the most reliable modes of communication. 

Every small, medium, or large scale companies, nowadays, use the power of SMS text marketing. Choosing the most reliable SMS service or provider is the first thing that you should take care of for running successful SMS campaigns.

How to Choose the right SMS Service or Provider

The majority of SMS service providers offer Bulk SMS, promotional, and transactional SMS services as per the requirements of the businesses. Here is the list of important things that you should consider while selecting the right SMS service or provider:

SMS Services Offered

It is always an advantage to select an SMS service provider that offers all possible messaging services such as bulk SMS, transactional SMS, promotional SMS, etc. With this, you can reach a larger target audience at a low cost.

Test Before You Buy

Check if the service provider is willing to offer a free trial for a limited period to check the services. With this, you can experience the capacity of their SMS gateway platform and the delivery rate.


Reliable SMS service providers will always make sure of a high level of uptime with less room for errors. 


The SMS service provider must have a platform that offers the capability to expand as your business grows. As your business grows, and as the SMS campaigns grow bigger, the platform offered by the SMS service must be able to handle the huge volume of messages sent.

24/7 Customer Support

While selecting an SMS service, check if a 24/7 customer support is provided. A 24/7 customer support enables you to get a faster resolution to your queries.

Data & Analytics

It is important to track the SMS campaign to better understand the CTA. To plan the future SMS campaigns and to reach the right target customers, it is important to measure the number of messages delivered. A reliable SMS service provider ensures you a graphical representation of the number of messages delivered. 

User Experience

Using the services of the SMS service provider during the trial period and checking their reach will get you the idea of user experience that you might get from the service provider. The network operator connections, number of clients, and different industries they cater will assist you in selecting the right SMS service provider.

CRM Integrations

Choose a service provider who offers a range of CRM integrations for your platform. This will erase a lot of hiccups related to applications and infrastructure.

Multi-language SMS

Choose a service provider that offers a platform supporting multi-language SMSs. With this, you can break language barriers and send SMS as per region-specific languages.

Pay-as-you Model

Select a provider who charges you as per the services used. Check for the hidden charges if any and API limitations that would add to your final cost.

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