Sales Leads

Companies rely on sales leads to stay in business. We’ve all been at those all-hands meetings where we are told “We all work for sales” and a huge emphasis is put on supporting the sales team. We work on generating new leads, creating sales enablement materials, building new requested features: whatever it takes to help sales. And time is always of the essence.

“[A] rep is 100x less likely to make contact if the first call is made 30 minutes after submission. The odds of making contact drop by 3000x if the first call is made 5 hours after lead submission.”

Quickly cultivating personal and relevant conversations has become the key to success. Whether you are focused on closing deals, placing candidates, serving clients or recruiting students, the more conversations your reps have, the more your business can grow.

Did you know that the company that responds first to a lead gets the business over 40% of the time? It’s also shown that the longer you take to respond to a lead, the less likely you are to ever get a conversation. Yet research from Harvard has shown that the average response time, among companies that responded within 30 days, was 42 hours. That’s not exactly prompt, is it?

Our SMS sales messaging customers handle 10x the volume of sales leads, quickly and effectively. Reps are the first to respond, and are always available to chat.

Think of how many opportunities you’ll win by having the right conversations at the right time!

How Messaging Can Handle 10X More Sales Leads

Messaging has been proven to drive more leads into your pipeline. It’s also proven that without the right messaging platform, you can lose track of all those conversations.

If your marketing team uses messaging to attract more prospects, but they have the wrong messaging platform, you’ll actually increase abandonment rates, your response times will lag, reps will flounder and everyone will be frustrated.

That’s why we designed Converse to easily handle the high volume of sales conversations you’ll enjoy with message marketing. Here are just a few of the ways the right messaging platform will make your reps more productive and effective.

  • Immediate responsesHarvard Business Review recently released a study analyzing sales leads and response times within B2C and B2B companies. They found “Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead …as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later—and more than 60 times as likely as companies that wait 24 hours or longer.” This is where automation comes in. Within Converse you can set up automations so you quickly respond to every lead, so you never lose out on a sale because of delayed response time.
  • Familiar interface – To be successful with messaging programs you need an SMS platform that is familiar and user friendly so your reps can easily navigate through conversations. Having a messaging UX that integrates with your reps “home” environment (CRM, call center, etc) will ensure your reps never lose time trying to find lead history or past conversations. Converse delivers the most advanced native Salesforce SMS messaging capabilities available. It’s both robust and simple to use, which is why we have a 5 star review in AppExchange.
  • Rep Guidance to quickly find and respond to messages. With Rep Guidance you get alerts to new messages, blended with guidance features help reps to quickly find and respond, track, and manage conversations. The intuitive rep guidance also creates simple worklists, offers customizable rapid response templates and gives you quick access to conversation history. It arms reps with everything they need to create personal conversations, quickly.
  • Full-Context history. Converse’s 360˚ Full-Context History provides personal insights and related conversations for every lead. This helps reps deliver fast, personal responses, creating more loyal customers and shorter conversion times. 
  • Rapid response templates. Text message templates arm reps with pre-written proven responses, allowing them to quickly share the best possible information. This allows you to leverage winning conversations across your team.
  • Analytics. Track and control your SMS messaging results with easy-to-use analytics dashboards. With the right insights you can better control SMS delivery, compliance status, rep and team productivity. This leads to better conversation flows and success rates while continually helping improve rep results.

The Bottom Line

You need more sales leads with immediate, personal conversations. SMS messaging is proven to deliver more leads and convert those leads with key features. With the right SMS platform, like Converse, you’ll also 10X more immediate, personal conversations to increase your results.

Want to see for yourself how messaging can increase your sales leads? Just reach out and we can give you a personal tour!

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