Salesforce SMS Messaging

Converse delivers native Salesforce SMS messaging, featuring deep integration at an architectural level. That’s why we can make it so simple to configure everything from objects and user permissions to message handling and compliance. We take the complexity out of Salesforce SMS, so you can focus on conversations, not technology.


Salesforce SMS Messaging

Converse offers native Salesforce SMS messaging, featuring deep integration at an architectural level. That’s why we can make it so simple to configure everything from objects and user permissions to message handling and compliance. We take the complexity out of Salesforce SMS messaging, so you can focus on conversations, not technology.


6X More Responses

Grow your pipeline with text messaging campaigns


40% More Conversions

Grow revenue with relevant conversations


6:1 Handle Rate

Reps can handle 6+ conversations for every phone call.

Native Salesforce SMS

Everybody claims their app is native Salesforce. That usually means they use Salesforce APIs. Converse is much more than a pretty API. It’s deep, native integration. Here are a few samples of how Converse is a tightly integrated, truly native Salesforce SMS application.


Native Lightning/

Converse auto-generates and populates native Visual and Lightning/ components for you to use in standard and custom objects.


Clickable Configurations

Our Guidance System takes the coding out of Salesforce integration. When you want to code with native tools like Process Builder, we support those too.


Plug-n-Play Integration

Converse leverages Salesforce native databases, data protection, tools and services, out-of-the-box, as well as seamless Pardot integration.


Intelligent Routing & Delivery

Our reference automations include Sales and Service routing templates that seamlessly integrate messaging with your current Salesforce routing rules.


Reports & Dashboards

Out-of-the-box reporting for administrators and business users leverage Salesforce tools to make it easy for you to tune to your needs.


Compliance Control

Automated compliance assures that you capture consent, track conversations and opt-out, then report it all using Salesforce databases and data protection.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud, Marketo and Pardot-Ready Business Text Messaging

Assured Compliance

Assurance that you meet regulatory requirements includes single and double opt-in, consent and behavior tracking, opt-out timestamp, and a complete conversation audit trail including deletion if requested.

Quickstart Campaigns

Guidances makes it so simple a user can create and run campaigns. The campaign dashboard gives you snapshots of all campaigns, key metrics, current status and the ability to pause, edit, or clone a campaign.

Out-of-the-Box Campaign Dashboards

Real-time analytics give you detailed campaign statistics including messages sent, total conversations, profiling results, keyword responses and ROI. Dashboards are easily tuned to present results your way. 



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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud-Ready Desks, Routing and Dashboards

Sales Rep Guidance

Increase sales performance thanks to automated first responses, new message alerting, opportunity worklists, contextual filters, 360° conversation history across all objects and seamless updates to Salesforce records from within Converse.

360° Contextual Conversations

Forget threaded conversations that are confusing to reps, causing inaccurate responses and frustration. Converse gives reps the context of every message. Guided responses help reps get and stay relevant across the buying journey.

Out of the Box Performance Dashboards

Track and measure rep performance at a team and individual level, monitor budgets to optimize spend on messaging, alert managers to response delays or issues and identify the best sales processes and approaches that are driving the results you want.



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Service Cloud

Service Cloud-Ready Desks, Routing, Automations, and Dashboards

Automated Case Creation and Routing

When you receive an incoming request, Converse creates a case and automatically responds with case number and relevant information. The case is then routed to the appropriate rep or team, based on your routing rules.

Service Rep Guidance

Increase service performance with immediate new case alerts, case worklists and a 360° history sharing previous conversations. Resolution content templates can be assigned to reps for specific types of issues, guiding reps to drive fast resolution.

Out-of-the-Box Productivity Dashboards

Packaged dashboards give you the control you need to measure overall SLA levels, team levels and individual rep results. Automated NPS survey results are presented as well for followup and analysis.



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Simple to Deploy, Use & Manage

Forget all the hassles with coding and testing. We make configuration and management as simple as a click. 

Converse is built on and Visual Force. You get the same simplicity and advanced capabilities across all Salesforce clouds, with a single application.

We package specific Converse versions, including inboxes, routing rules, object and message configurations, user permissions and more, to provide a highly optimized version of Converse for each cloud.

Clickable Wizards guide you to quickly configure and deploy Converse within Salesforce. Quickstart campaigns and automations offer guidance for routing and notification logic, as well as reference templates for text messaging use cases.

Plug & Play Connections

Converse offers flexible options to easily integrate messaging with your current business applications and platforms. 

Converse includes the connections you need to quickly plug into your current applications and business processes. Instead of changing your infrastructure to match your messaging, just plug in Converse and start messaging.

  • Since Converse is a native Salesforce application, it’s easy to immediately extend your current business processes, routing rules, and other Salesforce configurations to your text messaging application.
  • Plug & play connections make it easy to extend your marketing automation platforms, call and contact center software and other business applications to include text messaging.

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