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Converse with your customers & prospects with flexibletwo-way multi-channel messaging options.
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SMS-Magic Zoho Messaging for Small Business

Give your customers the required personal touch with Interact for Zoho. Users see a 360˚ history of all messaging conversations. Automate tasks and give customer-centric responses.

Simplify the complexity of messaging, improve conversation, increase ROI, and sell faster with SMS-Magic Interactfor Zoho.

With SMS-Magic for Zoho, converse with your customers faster across SMS, and WhatsApp, and accelerate your sales.

SMS-Magic uses secure messaging platforms to maintain data privacy and security. Our compliance process takes care of the legal requirements in your area.

Reporting and analytics to measure your ROI, delivery rates, budgets, and delivery summary.

Powerful SMS Capabilities that SMS-Magic for Zoho CRM Offers

Interactive Messaging
Bulk/Mass Messaging
Multi-channel Text & Media Campaigns
Manage Message Delivery

Converse 1:1 with your prospects/customers with SMS-Magic Interact for Zoho.

Send single/multiple messages to any list. Personalize your message using the SMS template.

Automated multi-touch campaigns to nurture leads, profile prospects, promote events, and more.

Dashboards track the compliance and delivery success. Alerts notify you about message delivery issues.

Key SMS-Magic for Zoho CRM Features

Bi-directional Messaging

Experience uninterrupted bi-directional messaging via SMS and MMS.

Full Context

View incoming, outgoing, automated, and interactive messages in an aggregated 360˚ history so you know what is relevant to your audience.

Bi-directional Messaging

Converse compliance assures that your business messages are compliant. Focus more on creating conversations with your customers than on failures.

Single, Bulk, Mass Messaging

Send a single, bulk, or mass message via Converse and have continuous, seamless, personalized conversations with customers/prospects.

Multi-channel Text & Media Campaigns

Track recipient behavior and send multi-touch campaigns for improved ROI.

Multi-channel Text & Media Templates

Customize multi-channel text & media templates as per your customer business needs for rapid response.

Customer Notifications

Engage with Leads, build rapport, and get Alerts from Sales Signal to close more deals.

Delivery Dashboards

Out-of-the-box tracking control. Alerts to notify you about delivery issues, assuring continuity of messaging.

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