Global Messaging Network


Global Text Messaging Service

Messaging solutions depend on the backbone text messaging service network to deliver your messages. What should you expect? Look for these capabilities as a minimum.

  • Reliably and securely deliver messages across diverse global carriers,
  • Support local regulations and languages, as well as the nuances of each country and carrier’s specific requirements,
  • Manage the different rules for messaging codes/SenderIDs to maximize delivery and optimize budgets,
  • Provide alerts and analytics for messaging delivery, budget management and  efficient problem resolution.
  • Provions to Bring Your Own Number (BYON) and Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC). Your vendor should be able to text enable your current numbers (BYON) and merge messaging accounting/billing with your current carrier agreements to take advantage of discounting agreements.

SMS-Magic Global Network

The SMS-Magic network is purpose-built for international messaging.  Here are just a few of its powerful capabilities.

  • Security, scale and availability:The global text messaging service is hosted on AWS platforms, offering the ultimate in security, scale and availability. Message data is secured at-rest and in-flight. All services are replicated globally for scalable performance and reliability.
  • Maximum delivery: A variety of inherent technologies maximize delivery. For example, different messaging code types (long, short) have different requirements for volume and velocity of traffic. SMS Smart Throttling manages your traffic to avoid overloads that result in blocked numbers, message delivery failures and additional carrier fees.
  • Compliance: SMS-Magic is compliant with GDPR, TCPA, CASL, CCPA and more. Click here to learn more.
  • Globalization: We offer messaging to over 190 countries as part of our global network.
  • Direct relationships: With direct connections in 59 countries, we offer straightforward initial set-up, as well as a deep understanding of the messaging options and requirements for each carrier.
  • BYON/BYOC:With our strong direct relationships, we offer BYON and BYOC solutions. We’ll help you enable your numbers in their native countries, and wirk with your carrier to deliver seamless messaging billing under carrier agreements. Simply complete the information and then enjoy the power of text messaging. We’ll do the rest.

Our global text messaging service leverages the most reliable carriers around the globe. We integrate these diverse networks into a seamless delivery system designed for enterprise-class international and in-country messaging.


United States

Country Dialing Code: +1
Major Telcos: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

The US and Canada both have similar regulation & require a high-quality connections to ensure maximum delivery of SMS messages to various networks.

All SMSs terminating in the US must be sent from either a U.S. pre-approved long number or short code that is associated with your account.

Long Virtual NumbersShort CodesToll Free Numbers


Country Dialing Code: +61
Major Telcos: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

We offer full-featured direct connections including dynamic Sender IDs, concatenated SMS messaging and delivery to ported numbers.

Use-Case SupportedMessages to Landline NumbersBest Practices

United Kingdom

Country Dialing Code: +44
Major Telcos: T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, 3, EE

This direct connection is fully featured including mobile delivery receipts, dynamic SenderIDs and delivery to ported numbers.

T-Mobile filters Sender IDs containing some symbols, including _ and –

Use-Case SupportedMessages to Landline NumbersBest Practices

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