Add More Value for Your Customers

SMS-Magic partners that deliver specialized software platforms, or build custom applications for their unique clients, find that integrating SMS-Magic text messaging solutions help their customers find more success.

Conversational text messaging is changing the way businesses communicate with our prospects and clients. 

Just think how your customer base can benefit from integrated messaging within your application.

Partnering with SMS-Magic will help you increase your brand loyalty, create competitive advantage and grow your bottom line as well.

Click here to contact us. We’ll reach out to discuss how we can deliver conversational text messaging solutions that help your customers attract, engage and retain more business!

We have only been using SMS Magic with Salesforce for 2 weeks. In that time we have been very impressed not only with their product, but also their fantastic and effective customer service! Great app for messaging contacts thru Salesforce. Thanks guys!

Marianne Wilkerson

Marketing Manager, SELECT - Technology Concierge

Partner With SMS-Magic

SMS-Magic partners with leading System Integrators and ISVs to deliver powerful conversational text messaging, tightly integrated within your custom or packaged applications. Our programs are designed to support the unique needs of a variety of partner types, including:

  • OEM and Integrator Partners. Integrate the power of SMS-Magic conversational text messaging right into your own packaged solutions.
  • Implementation Partners. Implement the power of conversational messaging for mutual customers, create custom workflows and messaging campaigns for your buyers.
  • Referral Partners. Refer your customers to SMS-Magic for the best in conversational messaging.

Partner Programs

All SMS-Magic partners receive the following materials, training and tools. We also work with you as needed to assure that your implementations are a success.

Detailed Documentation

Access complete technical documentation and help guides from our dedicated Resource Center for easy setup.

Marketing Materials

We will help you grow your clients. Discounts, offers, promo emails, new features and a whole lot more – we market, you gain!

Free Trial & SMS Credits

Let your customers try and test SMS Magic for themselves. Our Free Trial org with SMS credits is at their disposal.

Technical & Sales Support

Get complex integrations and customizations done from us. Even provide sales support for joint RFPs/RFIs.

Free Training & Webinars

Personalized Training Sessions for your clients, led by our experts. Free Product updates and Q&A over webinars.

Newsletter & Blogs

Receive firsthand information on product updates and latest happenings. Know what lies ahead for your benefit.

Experience the Magic Yourself

Once you feel the magic for yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Just click the  button to schedule a demo or download a free trial.


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Get Your Free Trial or Demo

The best way to experience the magic of conversational text messaging is to see it in action. Click the above link and you can schedule a demo with one of our experts, or download the free trial.


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