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Business Messaging that Works as Hard as You Do

Seamless conversations deliver that personal touch across your marketing, sales and service interactions.

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Attract 70% More Leads Into Your Marketing Funnel

Thanks to 6x more responses, our customers experience a dramatic increase in conversations, filling their pipeline with opportunities. Nurture leads, profile key interests, then automatically send to sales for immediate personal attention.

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Engage More Opportunities to Close 40% More Deals

Alert reps to new conversations for fast and relevant responses with a 360º conversation history. Guidance helps reps effectively handle large volumes of prospect conversations to close more deals faster.

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Increase Service Rep Productivity by 7X

Automate case creation & response, route cases to the correct agent, then guide agents to fast resolution with quick reply templates. Agents close more cases faster, while customers experience faster resolution with minimal wait times. 

Converse Guidance Systems

Converse Advanced Guidance makes business text messaging as simple as Click, Click, Text. 

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Clickable Configuration Wizards

Forget complex coding to configure and deploy text messaging. Clickable wizards guide you to quickly setup and deploy Converse just the way you want it. Spend hours instead of weeks or months, so you can focus on more important things than code.

Reference Campaigns & Automations

Campaign Builder is a clickable wizard that guides admins or users to create automated campaigns. You can use it to tune our reference campaigns and apps, or create a brand new campaign, then schedule or run it immediately. Campaign Manager gives you a complete view of all your campaigns, including critical statistics and the ability to pause, clone, edit or stop campaigns.

Contextual Rep Guidance

Converse literally guides your reps to quickly and effectively respond to lead or customer requests. The intuitive inbox lets reps begin texting with no training. Automatic alerts mean reps never miss a new conversation. Worklists guide reps to respond to volumes of conversations, content templates recommend best practices responses, custom lists let reps create prioritized views for hot prospects, critical customers or other groups that need that extra personal touch.

Out-of-the-Box Dashboards

There’s no need to struggle to create basic reports. Our out-of-the box dashboards and reports share critical insights into your text messaging results. From message delivery and budgetary controls, to rep performance and campaign results, we give you the analysis you need to measure your results and optimize your text messaging to get even better ROI.

Out-of-the-Box Industry Text Messaging

Here’s a guide to what you get with Converse ready-to-run solutions for popular industry use cases. 

Converse’s intuitive user interface mirrors familiar email inboxes. Users immediately begin to use messaging with little to no training. The same Desk component can be used as an embeddable force.com component within Classic and Lightning UIs, or as a standalone desk. The mobile UI lets sales reps continue conversations whenever they are on the go. We provide pre-configured Desk components for Marketing, Sales and Service. These can be easily tuned through a clickable guidance wizard.
Forget the trial and error of coding and complexity associated with automated text messaging campaigns. The Campaign Builder and Manager guide users to create campaigns, so you can respond to business needs without waiting for an IT admin’s availability. We also deliver a suite of reference campaigns and automations. These are comprehensive implementations of popular use cases and campaigns for nurtures, surveys, scheduling, promotions and more. Each includes a complete campaign (message content templates, Process Builders and Workflows, Dashboards) to guide you to tune the campaign or create a new campaign.
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Our Clickable Wizards guide administrators and users to easily configure and deploy Converse, as well as create automations and campaigns, removing the overhead of complex coding. Agent Guidance alerts agents to new conversations, makes it simple for agents to locate any conversation and quickly understand its context, respond using proven content templates, and creates worklists so agents never miss a conversation.
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Until now, you’ve had to code reports to have any ability to measure your messaging results. Converse delivers out-of-the-box dashboards that give you real-time insights into everything from message delivery and budget use to campaign results to agent performance and NPS trends. Each Converse industry QuickText package includes the dashboards you’ll need for that specific use case. Dashboards are tunable with a simple click to match your preferred reporting styles.

Messaging Solutions Designed for Your Industry

We’ll make you a messaging pro, right out-of-the-box. Industry solutions offer reference campaigns, templates, dashboards and more,  packaged for your unique needs.

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Financial Services

Attract new clients, automate tasks and give quick personal responses with Converse text messaging.

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Higher Education

Go digital to engage more students, automate campaigns and enrollment and ensure student success.

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Contact Centers

Deliver fast responses, convert more calls thanks to guidance and effectively measure rep performance.

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Product Sales

Be the first to respond, expand your opportunity pipeline, convert sales faster and capture customer loyalty. 

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Find, profile, and place candidates faster with an increased hiring %, even as you handle larger volumes of jobs.

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Engage more clients, share valuable tips & insights, automate scheduling and give every client that personal touch.

What Our Customers Say

Our customer results say it all. Click here to read our customer success stories. 


Expand Your Competitive Advantage

Deliver powerful business text messaging, tightly integrated within your solutions, to extend your customer relationships. We offer integration and support services, as well as a full suite of marketing and sales programs to accelerate your success.

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A Trusted Messaging Leader

We’ve focused on messaging for over a decade. That’s why we are the experts. 

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Happy Customers

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Direct Carriers

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