Automated Compliance

Converse compliance assures that your business text messaging is compliant, supporting GDPR, TCPA, CASL, CCPA and more. You can focus on creating personal conversations with your audience, instead of coding and more coding and worrying about failures and fines.

Converse Compliance 1

Customers Want Text Messaging. You Want to Control Your Risk.


74% of Consumers

prefer to text message with businesses.


$250M Lawsuit

results in a $16.5 M settlement for messaging violations – Papa John’s


$47M Fine

for TCPA messaging violations – Jiffy Lube

Converse Text Messaging Regulatory Compliance

Converse meets or exceeds even the most stringent regulations, including GDPR, TCPA, CASL and CCPA.

Capture Consent

Automatically capture consent with single and double opt-ins, based on the source of consent. Automatically confirm consent, then fulfill your CTA or offer. Consent is time-stamped, applied to the SFDC record and stored in the Audit Database.

Audit History

A GDPR-compliant audit history stores all personal data in a secure database, with data secured in-flight and at-rest. A comprehensive 360˚ history includes time-stamped consent/opt-ins, all conversations/messages across SFDC objects, withdrawal of consent and proof of deletion. No coding is required.

Revoke/Withdraw Consent

Simple-to-configure automated messages inform new recipients of your opt-out process & keywords, then send reminders of that process at your set intervals. Automation captures a withdrawal when received, time-stamps it, applies it to the appropriate record, and stores it in the audit database.

Clickable Configuration

Clickable Wizards guide you through the configuration of all compliance aspects –  from pre-configured consent types for automated, bulk and interactive conversations, to configuring the audit database, keywords, consent and content types. There’s no need to code custom compliance processes in risky Process Builders, accelerating time to deployment, reducing cost and dramatically minimizing risk.

Consent Matrix

Easily and automatically apply consent to matrix of specific Sender ID, Content Type and Mobile Number.  The matrix meets GDPR regulations, while it gives you more ways to continue communicating with audience members even if a single consent is withdrawn. For example, if a prospect opts-out of a marketing promotion, their sales rep can still send campaigns via text, unless they also withdraw that consent.

Converse Text Messaging Carrier Compliance

Converse manages your messaging to optimize delivery and reduce or eliminate fees and blocked messages.

Diverse Sender IDs. Support for long and short codes, 800 numbers and registered numbers. Bring Your Own Number or Carrier (BYON, BYOC) makes it simple to apply your current carrier plans with SMS-Magic messaging.

Match Sender ID Rules. Different Sender IDs have different rules for type, volume & velocity of traffic. Violating these rules means your messages fail and you’re charged for them. Converse throttling/rate limiting controls your message traffic to match your Sender ID type, optimizing delivery success rates.

Avoid Spam Filters. Merge fields for campaigns, surveys, profiling and more to assure that your messages won’t be caught by Spam filters, blocked and charged to you. Your messages are delivered, your Sender IDs stay available and you control your message costs.

Delivery Alerting and Reports. Dashboards track compliance and delivery success. Alerts let you know if there’s a delivery issue. Reports offer detailed insights to quickly resolve delivery issues to continue messaging.

Converse Regulatory Compliance Key Features

Automatically configure, deploy, process and manage local or global compliance.

Capture Consent

Flexible Consent Methods
Single Opt-in – Mobile
Double Opt-in – Non-Mobile
Keywords, Auto-Confirmation

Flexible Content Matrix
Links Consent to:
Sender ID
Mobile Number
Content type

Customizable templates
Tune consent language to country/business needs

Out-of-the-box tracking/control

Audit History

Opt-in, Opt-out activity
All messaging activity

Audit Trail
Retain, Backup & Delete individual compliance records in SFDC

Data Security
At rest and in-flight
High availability protection

Evidentiary Record
Meets GDPR requirements

Withdraw/Revoke Consent

Automated process
Configurable keywords

Automated reminder messages for opt-out process/keywords
Configurable timeframes
Customizable templates

Automated messages for renewal
Customizable timeframes
Customizable templates

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