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On the Salesforce AppExchange Connected Leaders webinar in June, Katence Olson, Co-founder and Operations and Marketing Director, GIVE, spoke about how SMS-Magic and SMS messages helped them convert leads and reach volunteers. GIVE is a nonprofit that facilitates volunteer travel for college students so that they can help build infrastructure in underdeveloped communities.


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Although GIVE tried using phone calls and voicemails to reach volunteers, these would often go unanswered. Since its target audience is Millennials, it needed “to find a communication strategy that [our volunteers] use in their everyday life. We wanted to connect anytime, anywhere, either during the lead phase or when volunteers are traveling in airports,” says Olson. “SMS-Magic has a tight integration with Salesforce, and we can utilize texting and see incoming messages and data very easily. It’s really, really user-friendly.”

Using SMS-Magic, GIVE saw

  • 30% increase in conversions combining SMS texts with email
  • 60% of leads, who didn’t answer phone calls, responded to texts within 1 or ­2 hours
  • Decreased bounced emails by 75% by using a follow up text to correct email address
  • 60 hours saved each month that had earlier been spent trying to contact leads

Find out more about how GIVE used SMS-Magic by reading this case study.

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