Text message templates in business

‘We all know SMS and text message templates in business are the wave of the future for communication with your markets. When you understand how to use text message templates, you will accelerate your texting success.

Research proves that your audience members like texting even better when it’s efficient and relevant for them.

  • 76% of US consumers said that speed is the most important feature of service-based messaging to positively impact satisfaction.
  • 91% of users who opted in to receive texts from a brand see those messages as “somewhat” or “very useful”.

Here are a few simple ways to use SMS templates in business to make sure you are effective and relevant with every message you send.

How to Use Text Message Templates in Business


The first step in using templates successfully is to create a basic set of templates for your marketing opt-ins, nurture campaigns, profiling questions and surveys.

Begin by tuning the basic set of content templates provided by SMS-Magic, or your other text  messaging providers, to match your audience and business.

  • Edit templates to match your business and offerings.
  • Edit the company name in the templates.
  • Tune campaign templates, such as nurtures and questions, to be relevant to your specific focus.
  • Now, create a second set of templates with a  different set of messaging/information.

Run these A and B campaigns for a bit of time, tracking the response rates and any trends or profiles you see. See which style of message and content gets the best responses and/or drives prospects forward in  the most effective manner.

If you need, run another set of tests to hone in on the voice and content types that compel the  best responses. Match all of your other marketing content templates to this style and you’ll begin to get the best results from your text campaigns, quickly and effectively.

 Compelling SALES responses

It’s important to research to find the specific answers your sales teams give to prospects, the answers that successfully move them forward in your pipeline.

Use these successful answers to tune the sample templates offered by your messaging provider. Then, offer these templates as proven responses that the reps can quickly select and send in response to similar questions.

Be sure you include the specific content links in your templates that reps have proven drive the highest percentage and fastest time-to-conversions.

Rapid SUPPORT Resolution

We all know that 80% of support issues are quickly resolved by a finite set of specific, accurate responses. Identify the most popular issues and the specific resolutions your support reps use to quickly resolve the majority of your cases.

Tune the sample resolution templates offered by your messaging provider using these rapid resolution answers. Propagate these resolutions templates across your support reps and teams.

And finally, be sure you include the specific content links in your templates that your customers needs to easily resolve the issue.

The Bottom Line

When you use text message templates for business, you can and will increase your marketing, sales and support results, beyond what you’ll receive with basic text messaging. Specifically, you will:

  • Personalize your marketing outreach with highly compelling and relevant information.
  • Increase sales effectiveness with responses that are proven to close more business.
  • Accelerate time-to-resolution by giving support reps the best possible response to customer issues.

Over the next  3 weeks, we’ll be sharing specific template ideas and guidelines for marketing, sales and service, as well as a variety of SMS templates for popular industries. Be sure to check back every Thursday for more details and insights!

If you want to see for yourself how text messaging can impact your business, schedule a demo today and we’ll be happy to show you just how our SMS templates will lead you to success.

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