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E-commerce sales are slated to reach nearly $500 billion in 2018, according to eMarketer. Players will slug it out on factors like pricing and shipping. Customer loyalty will ensure you thrive, and texting enables you to leapfrog over your competition.

SMS templates make it easy for you to ask questions that show your customers you care and to personalize your marketing.  Templates also empower sales and  service reps to handle 10x the volume with faster conversions and  resolutions. They also make it easy to automate all notifications, updates, promotions and more.

What messages can you send your customers for maximum impact? Here are 10 SMS templates which you can use:

1. Excite your customers
Send shipping confirmations to tell customers their package is on its way

Hi (FirstName), has Shipped Your Order (OrderID). We’ll update you soon about the delivery date. Thanks, (YourName).

2. Sale is every customer’s favorite four letter word
Message sale alerts to get your customers’ attention

SALE! Hi (FirstName),’s year-end sale has begun. Log on now for an early bird Discount. Coupon: EBIR Exp: 5/06/17. Thanks, (YourName).

3. No one likes being cast away
Send abandoned carts to customers’ homes

Hi, We noticed you didn’t Complete your Order on Reply HELP if you have any Questions. Thanks, (YourName).

4. Loyalty’s worth gold these days
A text loyalty program will retain customers

Hi (FirstName), Thanks for shopping on Reply JOIN to join Club Shopdrop for Exclusive offers. Thanks, (YourName).

5. A t-shirt feels lonely without jeans
Cross-sell via message

Hi (FirstName), Thanks for buying a t-shirt on Get jeans at 15% off. Offer valid Today only. Cpn: JE15. Thanks, (YourName).

6. Everyone gets one of these every year
Pamper customers on their birthdays

Happy Birthday, (FirstName)! Celebrate on by using your 30% birthday Discount. Cpn: BDAY. Thanks, (YourName).

7. Get quick performance reviews from customers
Send text surveys

Hi (FirstName), We want to know what you think about! On a scale of 1-10, how will you Rate us? Reply (NUMBER). Thanks, (YourName).

8. Everyone loves to win
Engage customers with text contests

Hi (FirstName), Take part in the Giveaway! Message IN for a chance to Win some cool threads. Thanks, (YourName).

9. Network and prosper
Reward customers for referrals

Hi (FirstName), Bring friends to and get a Gift card worth $15 on their first purchase. Thanks, (YourName).

10. Make cross customers smile
Manage product returns with texts

Hi (FirstName), We’re sorry that you wish to return your buy. Message REPLACE to replace and REFUND for a refund. Thanks, (YourName).

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