How multichannel messaging helps insurance org

A strong customer engagement plan creates the foundation for successful conversations between agents and customers. With a clear and cohesive strategy across your communication channels, you’ll have happier customers and more referrals.

COVID-19 has made it mandatory for companies across industries to go digital, and the insurance industry is not an exception. The benefits of digital operations are undeniable. In fact, digital operations are enabling new capabilities and opportunities across the insurance industries for optimizing, transforming, engaging, and creating differentiated services, products, and revenue.

As multichannel messaging (Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp) is being extensively used by companies to converse with their customers, there are many benefits to note within the insurance organizations as well. Multichannel digital messaging has now become the cornerstone of conversation in most consumer industries.

In today’s technology-savvy era, customer interactions are no longer just one channel or one-way communication. Every conversation a company has with its customers or potential customers has moved away from being just a transaction to an experience. 

Brands from the insurance industry are considering a holistic approach to converse, engage, and retain their customers via multiple channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, etc. This is because it’s not just one conversation that matters; it’s everything else as well that leads up to that pivotal customer engagement.

Success for insurance companies rests upon your relationship with your clients. Documentation and follow-up can be tedious and time-consuming. When you use messaging to automate many of these tasks, you can focus on what you want to do—helping your clients reach their goals.

Help clients to reach their golas-insurance

Messaging for insurance companies is beneficial in many ways, including:

  • Sending renewal notices straight to client’s phones
  • Automating reminders for signatures
  • Sending policy status updates 
  • Responding quickly to questions so they don’t go looking elsewhere

Multi-Channel messaging is a powerful way to improve how you engage with your customers.

4 Ways Insurance Organizations can Improve Customer Engagements via Multichannel Messaging:

1. Contact-free services 

The past year has made it clear that companies must focus on providing remote, contact-free services. In fact, 2/3 of Americans say they are “more inclined to try new digital offerings now than before.” Beyond that, 90% of insureds prefer digital or remote interactions with their insurance provider over face-to-face meetings.

Customers now expect to be able to self-serve across every industry. Expectations are high as your organization’s self-service capabilities are being measured against technology companies and retailers, rather than your fellow insurance providers.

You can build messaging campaigns that encourage customers to enroll in services like paperless billing, AutoPay, and auto-renewals

The most impactful way to drive results for an insurance organization is to get more customers to self-serve. Increased self-service means fewer customer service calls, as well as higher customer satisfaction rates. Over time, this will help decrease policyholder churn as well.

2. Automate Revenue Collection 

Automating the revenue collection process provides significant benefits for the organization. It enables organizations to streamline the billing process and improve customer satisfaction while ensuring more accurate forecasts and insight into revenue.

Automate Revenue collection

3. Respond to customer questions 24/7, from anywhere

As we talk about using multi-channels for communicating with customers, we get the liberty to use WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook to communicate with them. Customers do have a choice to ask questions through multiple channels and also expect to get the required answers on time. As insurance organizations use various channels, the customer support team can respond to customer inquiries and questions, anytime and from anywhere.  

4. Create a personal connection

Create Personal Connection

Creating a personal connection with your customers always helps in maintaining long-term relationships. As you know what channel your customers actually use, it becomes easy to converse with them accordingly. And when you are using their preferred channel to communicate, it certainly creates a personal connection. By implementing a great multichannel strategy you can expect improved customer success and a high engagement rate.

Multichannel messaging improves customer engagement in many ways and helps you build better relationships. If you haven’t yet adopted messaging via multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS for your team and want to learn more, schedule a demo, and we would be happy to share our expertise with you and answer your questions. We would be happy to show you what messaging via multichannel can do for your firm.

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