10 Tips for Optimizing Text Messaging Campaigns

Texting isn’t just for friends and family anymore, it’s a powerful business tool. New research shows that 34% of businesses adopted the use of texting because of the pandemic and 77% saw such amazing results that they plan to continue using it post-COVID.


More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of texting. Text messaging has the best ROI and the best engagement rates compared to other messaging channels. Certainly, text messaging is less annoying than a cold call, and SMS open rates are almost 98% compared to email at around 32%

1. Targeted Text Messages

One of the simplest ways to make full use of your text messages is to send targeted messages. Targeted, customized, and personalized messages lead to high response rates. By integrating your messaging platform with your CRM system you can easily send messages targeted on location, demographics, or even purchase history. 

2. Short Messages

With text messaging, the ability to write concise messages is imperative. SMS messages cannot be long and shortened URLs will be key to including links with your messages. 

3. Triggered Messages

With triggered messages, you can easily and continuously communicate with your customers. You can set up messages that will trigger based on certain actions customers take on your website such as requesting an appointment or making a purchase. 

4. Personalization

Sending personalized text messages will always make your customers feel that they are important, leading to increased loyalty and customer retention. 

5. Timing is Key

Most of us open a text with more urgency than an email. With texting, because it often feels more personal than an email, it’s important to be cognizant of when you are sending messages. Sending texts very early in the morning or during dinner time will be off-putting and lead to your audience opting out of your communications.   

6. A (CTA) Call To Action

While sending text messages, make sure to include a CTA. Like any other marketing material, your messages should ask your customers to take some action, such as, ‘Try Now’, ‘Book a Demo’, etc. 

7. Branded Shortened URLs for SMS Campaigns

Shortened URLs work wonders and get you more traffic, leads, deals, etc. Using shortened custom URLs with branded domains and keywords ensures brand cohesion. People trust branded links more than generic ones. 

8. URL Destination Redirects

One of the power features of message marketing is that you can alter the final destination URL of the links that you add to your messages. 

9. Send Texts Using your Company Name 

To improve your brand’s visibility, it is very important that you send text messages with your company name. Customers may ignore messages received from an anonymous number. 

10. Track your Results

By using the UTM parameters with short links, it is easy to track the detail of SMS campaigns that are getting the most engagements and clicks. With this information, you can identify the SMS campaigns that are working and adjust accordingly. 

6 SMS Marketing Best Practices

1. Send Deals and offers via Text messages
2. Send Automated Drip Campaigns
3. Use Keywords for Opt-Ins
4. Trigger Live Notifications
5. Send Reminders, Confirmations
6. Gather Feedback


The Takeaway

Today many companies are considering text messaging as their primary medium to communicate with their customers. Further, message marketing has become a powerful tool and is overtaking email marketing. Some companies are using text messaging to send appointment reminders, payment reminders, booking confirmation, etc. Others use SMS to collect feedback and conduct online surveys. No matter what you use message marketing for, setting up the right campaigns at the right time and with the consent of the customers will get you more traffic, leads, deals, and customers. Want to see how SMS-Magic Converse helps clients achieve all of this with text messaging? Reach out and we would be happy to give you a personal tour and share examples from our clients!

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