SMS messaging

You want to offer customers a great experience with a personal touch. SMS messaging gives you just that opportunity. You can be responsive, knowledgeable, and truly show you care about their individual needs. When you have the right SMS messaging solution.

We all know that every customer journey is unique. You can’t assume everyone sees the same information, asks the same questions or has the same interests. Different people across your organization are involved at different touchpoints in the process. Which means buyers have received different insights.

That’s why your marketing, sales and service teams need access to all the conversations you have with each individual buyer. It’s the only way they can offer a true personal touch.

The Challenge with Most SMS Messaging

Most SMS messaging products do not support full-context messaging, meaning they don’t share conversations across Salesforce objects.

As your customer moves through their journey, from lead to opportunity to contact, there’s no complete conversation history available. Each messaging conversation remains in its specific silo, or object.  That puts you at a disadvantage because:

  • There’s no previous context about anything the buyer has experienced.
  • Sales reps have to ask questions to find out what’s relevant to the individual prospect.  Instead of accessing past conversations to quickly capture relevant insights.
  • Service reps can’t access sales or marketing conversations. They have no way to quickly clarify what was promised, agreed to, discussed etc. With some solutions, service reps can’t even view the prior service conversations.
  • Your customers inevitably experience an exchange that feels disjointed and anything but personal.

That’s why we created Full-Contact SMS Messaging in Converse. Our customers wanted to be able to see all related conversations for each individual lead, opportunity, contact and case record. Their customers love them for it.

Full-Context SMS Messaging

Your teams need a full conversation history available to all involved users, regardless of which SFDC object they interact with.

When reps have a full-context history, they can quickly access recent insights to increase their personal touch. Which means customers have  a better experience. Here are some examples.

Sales Has Better Conversations with Leads

When you arm sales reps with full conversation histories, your reps access key insights including:

  • The profiling information captured by marketing.
  • The areas of interest the buyer has already stated, plus the content they have requested and received.
  • Questions they have asked, and responses given.
  • A range of other pertinent information reps can derive from previous conversations. For example, the fact that a prospect is unhappy with their current vendor.

Full-context  messaging empowers sales reps to handle more prospects with a highly personal touch that leads to more business revenue.

Provide More Personalized Customer Service

Customer service reps responding to a case can utilize all the previous messaging history. As a result, they:

  • Understand what the customer was promised by sales.
  • Know any previous history that impacts their case resolution.
  • Know why product(s) were purchased.
  • Reference any previous service calls, within their team or with other service teams.
  • Respond more effectively and resolve cases faster.
  • Handle 10X more cases with a highly personal touch.

Customer services reps who know the entire history of a customer can provide much more relevant and responsive service. Especially compared to service reps who have to ask customers to repeat themselves, again and again.

The Bottom Line

We all want to provide a seamless personal touch to our audience. That’s how we differentiate our businesses.

SMS text messaging offers a powerful way to deliver that personal touch. Yet, if the full history of messages aren’t shared at each step, sales and service employees are unable to find past information. That dilutes the personal touch you offer. It also wastes time and makes your customers question how much you really value them.

Providing access to every conversation gives your teams the context needed to create better and memorable experiences for customers.

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