Conversations That Convert

Convert 40% More Sales

That’s right.  Companies that use text messaging for sales to create conversations with buyers convert 40% more deals than those who don’t.  Here’s why.


  • Immediately respond to your prospect or customers’ requests.
  • Get more prospects to respond to your outreach.
  • Learn what’s important to them, then give them what they want.
  • Create relationships quickly, close business faster.
Consumers are much more willing to answer a text over a phone call. We have a 70% response rate with this text messaging app. What sets it apart from many other apps is that it helps with personalizing the text message without having to write it out each time. The workflows are also a lifesaver! Randall Mills

Amerifirst Financial

Put Competition in the Spam Folder

Customers and prospects respond to messages 45% more than email or voicemails.

When you create consistent, relevant conversations, you will leave your competition in the spam folder as buyers come to trust you as their advisor, then buy from you.

With a 40% increase in conversions, more of your sales reps make quota, and your business grows.

Studies show that 90% of leads prefer to receive messages versus calls from a sales representative. What are you waiting for?

Read Messaging is the New Conversation for Sales

Fast Response


Whoever responds first often wins the deal. With SMS-Magic, you’ll be first to the conversation to capture your prospect’s interest.

SMS-Magic automation lets you immediately send a message to welcome new leads and introduce yourself as their sales representative.

SMS-Magic also alerts you to new conversations or requests, so you respond quickly to answer a question or share key information.


Stay Top-of-Mind

Automated conversational flows make it easy for you to share relevant information on a continuous basis with your prospects.

Thanks to marketing conversations, you’ll know the key decision criteria for your prospects. You can easily create continuous conversations, laced with relevant information, to deepen your trusted relationship.

It’s simple so you can keep selling while SMS-Magic keeps your prospect conversations going.


More Conversations


SMS-Magic gives you the power to control and manage limitless conversations in a simple dashboard. We proactively manage your conversations, recommend which conversations are highest priority, help you locate and integrate related conversations and basically do the heavy lifting so you can focus on closing business.


Focus Conversations for Faster Conversions

Advanced analytics give you powerful insights into just what pieces of content move your prospects to action.

Let’s say you’re sending a multi-touch messaging conversation about a specific topic. You can use analytics to tell you which piece of content or message triggered the most buying actions/behaviors so you can use that content more often to convert more sales.

Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic of text messaging for business, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

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