Conversations That Serve

Build Satisfaction and Loyalty

Conversational text messaging drives new levels of service responsiveness, resolution times and customer satisfaction.

  • Personal conversations let your customers know they really matter.
  • You’ll resolve their issues faster, which really makes your customer happy.
  • You’ll better understand what your customers really think of you. Just ask them as part of your service conversations.
Our Customers Love It

We respond to 10 support messages to every support email – and our customers love it. It has become the preferred support method for hundreds of our customers. Greg Royse

CTO, Tidy

Resolve Issues Faster, Build Loyalty

44% of buyers would prefer a text conversation, versus waiting on hold for an agent.

When you provide convenient service and timely updates through conversational messaging, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and retention.

In our Guide to Conversational Messaging for Service and Support, we share Best Practices for how service can leverage interactive conversations to deliver faster time-to-response, accelerate resolution, increase customer satisfaction and build a loyalty that keeps customers coming back for more.

Read Messaging is the New Conversation for Service

Respond & Resolve

44% of buyers would prefer a text conversation, versus waiting on hold for an agent.

When you initiate a conversation through a channel that is convenient for your customer, you quickly and easily get the information you need.

Faster resolution always leads to happy customers. Which is what service is all about.

Show You Care

One of the biggest complaints concerning customer service is that reps are too focused on getting off the call and not focused enough on the customer’s issue.

Customers want to know the status of their request, and they want to be treated with that personal touch.

With SMS-Magic you’ll be able to converse with them, ask key questions and keep them continuously in the loop with automated status updates via messaging.

Multiple Agents Serve the Same Calls

Nothing makes a customer more frustrated than repeating themselves to that new agent.

SMS-Magic’s comprehensive messaging history enables you to provide informed responses from any agent. Agents quickly get up to speed on all conversations and move forward quickly.

No more need for customers to repeat their concerns. They’ll be impressed and you’ll gain competitive advantage.

Experience the Magic of Messaging

Once you see the magic of conversational text messaging, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

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