OmniChannel Integration with SMS-Magic


To understand the OmniChannel settings and how to integrate it with SMS Magic.

What is Omni Channel:

Omni-Channel is a flexible, customizable feature, and you can configure it declaratively—that is, without writing code. Using Omni-Channel, you can prioritize the work item and route to a specific agent with the help of a queue.

Why to use Omnichannel with SMS-Magic:

If there is a requirement to route incoming messages/conversation/records related to the messages to a set of users on real time, this could be achieved with enabling of Omni Channel.

Enable Omnichannel

1. Create QueueFirstly, you have to create a queue with required users added to it. For that, go to Setup- > Queues-> New.

Create Queue
  1. Enable Omni-Channel
Enable Omni-Channel
  1. Create Service Channels
Create Service Channels

Omni-Channel currently supports routing for the following objects and records. 

  • Cases
  • Chats
  • SOS video calls
  • Social posts
  • Orders
  • Leads
  • Custom objects that don’t have a master object
  1. Create Routing Configurations
Create Routing Configurations
  1. Associate Routing Configurations and Agents with Queues
Associate Routing Configurations and Agents with Queues
  1. Create Presence Configurations
Create Presence Configurations
  1. Create Presence Statuses
Create Presence Statuses

Set Access to Presence Statuses: Presence statuses indicate whether an agent is online and available to receive incoming work items, or whether the agent is away or offline.

  • With permission sets
  • With profiles

Add the Omni-Channel Widget to the Salesforce Console: After you get Omni-Channel all set up for your organization, it’s time to add the Omni-Channel widget to the Salesforce console so that your agents can start receiving work.

Add the Omni-Channel Widget

Add the Omni-Channel Utility to a Lightning Console App: Add the Omni-Channel utility to your Lightning Service console to route work to agents in a flash.

Add the Omni-Channel Utility

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