Every business knows they need text messaging.

Thing is, text messaging compliance is complicated and different than other channels. It can lead to big fines and undelivered messages if not followed correctly.

The Risk of Violating Text Messaging Compliance

Several big companies have had to learn this the hard way.

  • Papa John’s: A $250 million class-action lawsuit for blasting customer with illegal text messages resulted in a $16.5 million settlement.
  • JiffyLube paid $47 million in a similar settlement.
  • Ralph Lauren was ordered to pay $1,500/message for sending text messages without consent.

The list is long and growing longer every day.

How do you manage text messaging compliance risk and avoid fines and delivery failures?

Managing Text Messaging Compliance Risk

  • Educating yourself and your business on the rules of compliance is the first step. We created this Compliance Kit to make it easy for you. It’s three guides share the insights you need to optimize your compliance strategies.
  • Then, it’s important to choose a text messaging solution that manages your compliance. Many vendors require you to code your own compliance using Process Builders, which is high risk and expensive.
  • You also want to work with a vendor that understands global text messaging requirements. Especially since the receiving country governs your messaging compliance.

Converse Compliance

We see a significant increase in focus on text messaging compliance around the globe. That’s why we created Converse Compliance, the most comprehensive solution  available, featuring the simplest compliance configuration ever.

Other vendors require custom coding using Salesforce process builders to configure your compliance processes. That can take months to a year and risk mistakes or failures.

With Converse Compliance you get:

  • Flexible Regulatory Compliance Control for GDPR, TCPA, CASL, CCPA and more.
  • Proactive processes to assure users can’t violate compliance.
  • Clickable wizards to quickly configure your entire compliance flow.
  • Flexible Consent Matrix that makes it easy to tie SenderID, Mobile Number and Content Type together, enforcing GDPR standards while giving you more communication paths with your audience.
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards for compliance and delivery.

Check out this video for a first look at Converse Compliance.

Then, since you’ll definitely want to know more, you can set up a personal demo or download a Free Trial.

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