Why Aren’t You an SMS-Magic Customer Already

We know you’re a forward-thinking person or you wouldn’t be reading about innovative ways to reach your most important audiences. We also know that you have certain requirements for any new solutions: new technologies must solve the problem, be easy to deploy, function intuitively, and meet all regulatory standards.

So we have to ask: “If you’re interested in building relationships with your customers or patients or clients, why aren’t you already using conversational messaging powered by SMS-Magic?”

Your experience likely has taught you that consumers often ignore business emails and phone calls, even when they need help making critical decisions about their finances, their health, their education, and their environment, among other things. You know that messaging allows you to reach your customer (or patient or client) conveniently and in a way that they prefer. You also know conversational messaging, in addition to being convenient, allows your customer to respond to you directly, making their life easier and providing you with immediate feedback about their situation.

Are you concerned?

So what’s holding you back? Are you concerned about:

Managing Complicated Conversations?

Your interactions with customers aren’t always simple. (For the sake of brevity, let’s call everyone who might have a relationship with your organization a customer, even if they’re a client, student, applicant, or patient.) Your customers can have complicated questions about almost anything. Conversational messaging allows your team to answer the question using messaging or to divert the conversation to another medium, like a phone call or information on your website. The key is that you can direct your customer to the best information possible because you know more about their situation. SMS-Magic handles conversational messaging like the professional solution it is.

Empowering Multiple Team Members?

Everyone wants to solve a customer’s problem during the first interaction but that isn’t always possible. When the next team member enters the conversation, they want to know everything that’s been said. It’s easier to solve problems when you have all the information at your fingertips. Working with a CRM like Salesforce or Zoho, SMS-Magic can manage all your customer contacts in one place, no matter how the customer has contacted you.

Communicating Using Longer Time Horizons?

Sometimes customers aren’t ready for you when they contact you. They might be gathering information about your product or service and intend to decide later. They might not qualify for your service during the initial contact but might be ready in six months. Conversational messaging allows you to “ping” potential customers from time to time, checking on their readiness to work with you. Done well, your conversational check-ins with your customers can help you build a relationship with them. By the time your customer makes a buying decision, they’re already comfortable with your organization. SMS-Magic can help you stay in touch with prospects over time.

Communicating Using Longer Time Horizons

Ensuring Full Compliance?

With business messaging increasing 400 percent each year, you want to honor a customer’s request to opt out of messages. We do, too. That’s why SMS-Magic is built to provide full compliance with laws and regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the U.S. or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. We give you the tools you need to be confident your customers have opted into messaging and that messages are going to a welcoming audience.

Why Choose SMS-Magic?

You can give us a test drive without spending a penny. SMS-Magic offers a free trial so that you can get a feel for our product. If you’re as pleased as we think you will be, you can choose the level of service that’s best for your company.

If you use a customer relation management system (CRM), we can integrate SMS-Magic into your system. We work seamlessly with Salesforce and Zoho, and we have the capability to work with most systems.

Why Choose SMS-Magic

One of our customers has two Salesforce AppX developers on staff. Their chief technology officer said, “Our developers were able to work with the SMS-Magic AppX code to expose the functionality of SMS-Magic to other developers on our team. So other developers who work in Python and are writing API code, they could just ping a simple end point and then it would send a message through the SMS-Magic package, show up in Salesforce and have the right bookkeeping.”

If, however, you don’t use a CRM, no worries! You can deploy our stand-alone product that doesn’t require a CRM. Our installation is quick, easy, and supported by our experienced technical staff members.

Let’s Go!

Does SMS-Magic sound like the answer you’ve been looking for? We hope so!

Contact us to set up a demo or to start your free trial. Let us show you how we can help you make the most of the conversational messaging!

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