SMS Messages in Salesforce

We all know that fast response times and personalized conversations are winning factors in closing deals. Using SMS messages in Salesforce helps you optimize your communication to win over customers and ultimately drive revenue.

Research shows that 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups and 44% of reps give up after the first follow-up. On top of that, regular follow-up channels like email and calling have discouraging response rates. Customers want to communicate and respond on a channel that’s easy for them. The average American checks their phone 47 times a day. With text messaging, you can meet them where they are.

Integrating text messaging with your Salesforce CRM makes it easy for you to start engaging with your audience and responding to leads.

Faster response times. When you integrate SMS messages in Salesforce you’ll be able to respond faster to leads and customers. For leads, we know that the company who responds to an inquiry first gets the business over 40% of the time. And with customers, you’ll greatly improve satisfaction and loyalty by having quick responses.

Engage in multiple conversations simultaneously. Managing the regular influx of leads and inquiries while also keeping older leads engaged is a challenge all sales teams face. By integrating SMS with your CRM you are able to handle a higher volume of conversations each day. Reps can also quickly share resources and links from the ‘Resource Base’ saved within your CRM. This actively helps with providing customers and leads with relevant information based on the conversation.

Quickly access conversation history. It can be difficult to keep track of who said what to each prospect, what information has been shared, and how they’ve responded to interactions. By integrating text messaging with Salesforce you can easily access complete conversation history. This allows any rep, even if they have not been involved with a lead or customer before, to jump right into a conversation without anyone having to repeat questions or information.

Automating appointment reminders. Having no shows at meetings can be a huge waste of time and energy for reps. When you have text messaging integrated with your CRM you can automate appointment reminders, which cuts down on the number of no shows you encounter. By knowing the status of all meetings in advance, reps can optimize their time and spend their energy on promising leads.

Tracking engagement status. When you have your messaging programs integrated with Salesforce you can easily see the engagement of each interaction. By having this quick view you can set up campaigns to send them information based on their status. For example you could send a lead a discount code, a promotion, a reminder of an upcoming webinar or a specific case study geared towards their interest.

The Bottom Line

People want to use text messaging as a main form of communication with companies. If you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out on having personalized conversations with your customers and leads, ultimately driving more revenue for your business. And by integrating text messaging with Salesforce you’ll gain a competitive advantage because of how easy it is to have interactive conversations with your customers and leads.

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