How to sell

We all trust that our sales reps know how to sell  Right? But are they up-to-date on what matters most to your buyers? Or are they like many of us, relying on the way we’ve always done it, because it’s worked for us before?

The reality is that too many reps only focus on selling your product. They miss the mark by not better engaging with buyers and truly understanding their needs. It’s a fast way to send your buyers straight to your competition in today’s market.

This is why profiling your buyers to understand every individual’s frustrations and needs is so important. It’s also why sharing and giving visibility with every single tidbit of information about your buyer with everyone in your company is key. Understanding the history and context with a buyer will make all the difference when they make a purchasing decision.

Yet, one of the biggest complaints by customer-facing teams, as well as buyers, is the noticeable absence of that information. Nothing is more frustrating than sales people who don’t know what you want, make you repeat yourself or seem to be clueless that you’ve already investigated their company and their offering. The only thing more frustrating is customer service folks who do the same.

So how can you give every individual buyer a personal touch when you don’t have a full picture of their history with your company?

That’s where Full-Context Messaging from SMS-Magic comes in.

How to Sell with SMS Messaging

When every rep knows a buyer’s entire interaction history, including the personal insights they’ve shared, your customers win. So do you.

SMS messaging empowers your sales team to deliver the ultimate personal touch. Just imagine, every sales rep being able to easily review every messaging conversation a buyer has had with your company – whether it be your buyer’s response to questions from marketing, their questions to a different rep about products or their prior case discussions with customer service for a different product they purchased.

Here’s a simple example. Let’s say you’re running a large call center with thousands of reps responding to inbound calls and messages, as well as marketing generated leads.

First, your buyer’s message is routed to a rep named James. He quickly reviews the record to learn that the buyer is named Fran.

Next, James quickly scans her messaging history from marketing and learns:

  • She’s actively looking to purchase a solution next month.
  • She’s most  focused on quality, time for delivery and expertise of the vendor to support her as she and her team learn the new product.
  • Price is important but not the primary buying criteria.

James also finds a previous sales conversation with another rep on the sales team. He learns:

  • Fran had requested some simple information about the company.
  • The other rep started to push  her with a selling conversation.
  • From Fran’s responses, James  can tell she hates being “pushed” and simply wants to work with someone who will honestly answer her questions and help her learn more.

Thanks to these full-context insights, James can immediately start a relevant conversation with Fran, hitting on her specific personal preferences when he responds. He knows what to focus on and he knows she’s been researching the company and a specific solution. 

Compare this approach to immediately focusing on just selling product, and you can easily see how selling with a personal touch will win every time.

The Bottom Line

We all know that the main reason we lose deals is that we either don’t understand what  a buyer wants (and usually focus on pushing our product), or we don’t create a trusted relationship with that buyer.

When you can access the historical interaction of your buyers and their preferences, you deliver a better personal touch, create a trusted relationship and ultimately close more deals.

That’s the power your sales team will enjoy with full-context messaging for sales.

Want to see for yourself how full-context messaging works? Just reach out and we can give you a personal tour!

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