Automated sales messaging

Automated sales messaging can save you hours of time spent on tedious, manual tasks. Instead, your sales reps can spend that time giving customers a personal touch to improve sales results.

The right omnichannel sales messaging solution will give your agents insights to immediately respond and engage with a powerful customer experience, while handling 10x more conversations. Consequently, sales teams using messaging have experienced a 40% or more increase in sales conversions.

Omnichannel messaging for sales isn’t just about the interactive nature of sales conversations. The power of automated sales messaging contributes significantly to both the personal nature of the buyer’s experience and to the profitable increase in volume handling and conversions.

If you want to fully leverage messaging in your sales efforts, you need to understand the power of automation as part of your messaging strategy.

Here are our top 7 tips for increasing sales results with automated sales messaging:

1. Ensure compliant messaging

Choose a messaging platform that handles compliance for all of your sales messaging, ensuring you avoid lawsuits and fines. To learn more, check out our Compliance Kit for Global Messaging.

2. Automate immediate responses

Research shows that the first response to a lead gets the deal 70% of the time. Make sure your reps are the first to respond to every lead by implementing automated, personal responses. Automated responses immediately acknowledge the buyer’s query, introduce a rep and establish a personal touch by leading into a series of profiling questions striving to “serve the buyer better.”

3. Automate profiling

Gather more insights about your individual buyers with simple questions and keyword responses.. Based on their responses, marketing and sales can quickly understand what’s important to that unique individual, creating a compelling experience for the buyer.

4. Automate sales nurtures and information sharing

By automating key information and update flows, you’ll enhance your buyer’s experience by  sharing relevant information quickly and then sharing pertinent tips, information and trends over time. Without reps having to be manually involved.

5. Automate scheduling and reminders

Scheduling appointments can take way longer than it should. With automation, you simplify meeting coordination and reduce no shows so your reps can focus on selling, not scheduling.

6. Automate contracts and follow-up

Paperwork and follow-up are time consuming for reps. Automate contract processes such as tracking, reminders, and confirmations so reps focus on prospects, not pushing paper.

7. Automate surveys

Feedback on your buyer’s experience is more critical than ever. Yet the majority of buyers will not fill out surveys or forms. Automated messaging surveys get responses, allowing you to gather insights to improve rep skills and respond to any negative buyer experiences..

The Bottom Line

With omnichannel automated sales messaging, you’ll  deliver the personal experience your buyers crave.

  • You’ll be the first to respond, with a relevant message that makes a positive first impression.
  • You’ll immediately show you care by asking relevant questions that show your buyer you understand their needs and care about their unique situation.
  • When a rep enters the conversation interactively, they’ll  immediately begin a conversation with a high personal touch thanks to all the insights gathered by automation.
  • Reps can easily share insights and information, schedule meetings, manage contracts, capture feedback and assure buyers are continuously updated using automation. This frees up hours of time spent on these tedious manual tasks, so reps can focus on buyer conversations and conversions.

Your buyers will want to buy from you,thanks to personal conversations and efficiency of communication, updates, scheduling and more.  You’ll close more business while creating a sustainable competitive advantage that keeps buyers coming back for more.

Want to see how SMS-Magic Converse helps clients achieve all of this with text messaging? Reach out and we’d be happy to give you a personal tour and share examples from our clients!

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