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Today, customers expect personal conversations, especially in sales. That’s one reason SMS messages have become so popular. It’s a natural form of communication that feels more personal than email.

Sales still needs to know all of the background information and history when talking with prospects. No one wants to repeat themselves or waste time getting a rep up to speed.

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. That means you have eight seconds to prove you care about this customer and get right to the point. No time to repeat conversations that have already happened.

So how do you create compelling sales conversations in such a short amount of time? You do it with the right channel and the right context.

The right channel: SMS Messages

Companies who use SMS messages in their sales process report 40% more conversions. And it has been found that sending three or more purposeful text messages—after contact with a buyer has been made—can increase conversion rates by as much as 328%.

People see and respond to text 10x more and 6x faster than they do email or phone calls. Texts are immediate, and everyone checks their SMS messages constantly throughout the day. 95% of messages are read within 3 minutes. It’s the best way to have fast conversations and move prospects along quickly.

If you’re nervous about whether your reps can manage the volume of texts they’ll get with prospects or current clients, you can set them up with an intuitive rep guidance system. This alerts to new conversations, creates simple worklists, empowers reps to prioritize and sort leads, and offers customizable rapid response templates.

Alerts and templates will guarantee that reps won’t miss a crucial conversation and will ensure the proper context throughout any conversation.

The right context with a 360 ̊ Conversation History

Companies see a 25% faster sales cycle when they create relevant and purposeful sales conversations. To do this, sales reps must be equipped with knowledge of the prospect history, prospect company, and respective competitors.

The right SMS messaging vendor will help you do this by sharing holistic history of the lead’s interactions with marketing, sales and service across your business. Reps can request to see related conversations and review all conversations with a company or user.

Visual reports are also important to give you real-time insights to manage individual reps and teams, and analyze conversation trends and approaches that drive fast conversions.

Check out the Converse Simple Text Messaging Platform, to help your company gain a 360° view of the buyer’s conversational history and have everything they need to create a contextual conversation, quickly.

Are you ready to feel the power of context in your SMS messages? Get started to use text messaging to accelerate your sales revenue results, and captivate and engage your buyers.

If you haven’t yet adopted business text messaging for your team and want to learn more, schedule a demo and we’d be happy to share our expertise with you, answer questions and show you what text messaging can do for your business results.

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