5th Generation Text Messaging Solution

SMS-Magic Converse

Converse is a feature-rich conversational text messaging solution for popular CRM applications including Salesforce, Zoho, Marketo and Pardot.

Converse is a 5th generation messaging solution, featuring Best Practices messaging capabilities and processes, proven in over 1500 customer implementations across a variety of industries.

Converse is designed to meet the needs of small, mid-sized and large businesses across a variety of industries. It combines best-in-class messaging capabilities with our global messaging network and the simplest interface, ever.

Whether you’re a small business ready to deploy Conversational Messaging for the first time, or an experienced organization, seeking to do more with Conversational Messaging, Converse is the solution to drive Conversations that Convert.

Key Capabilities

Intelligent, Simple Interface

Business messaging can be more complicated than when you send personal messaged from your mobile. You have more conversations, and you need to respond quickly. That’s why we made it simple and intuitive. So your users focus on their conversation, not figuring out how to use the technology.
  • Intuitive interface organizes conversations for quick response
  • Alerts to new responses from prospects or customers
  • Prioritizes conversations based on your specific preferences
  • Create watchlists for key accounts, individuals
  • Aggregate all messages from a company, user or set of users
  • Simple access to 360 degree conversational histories
Conversation View makes it simple to manage and respond to any number of conversations.

Converse The Way You Want

Converse lets you send conversations in a variety of ways. You can send a 1:1 messages, send a single message to a list or send conversational campaigns that deliver multiple touches via messaging or other channels.
Define a list from within your CRM (or database), then send a batch conversation or conversational campaign.
  • Send and respond to 1:1 messages directly from the CRM record, relevant CRM pages or Converse interface.
  • Send a single message to a list, then respond to iindividual prospect’s replies directly from the Converse interface. Or set an automatic trigger to respond to replies.
  • Create multi-touch conversational campaigns that deliver any conversation flow you want.
  • With support for SMS and MMS, you can send text, video, links, images, documents and more.

Automate Conversation Flows

Converse lets you easily automate conversation flows for multi-touch campaigns or for automated responses to any prospect or customer replies.
  • Any number of conversational touches can be included in an automated flow. You can also mix messages with emails as part of the flow.
  • Triggers can be set to automatically send a conversation. A trigger can range from changes to lead status or a keyword in a response,
  • Conversation Flows can be scheduled globally based on local timezones.
Monitor, measure and manage conversation flows and campaigns with Converse.

Seamless CRM Integration

Converse is integrated with popular CRM systems to make it easier for your users to send, respond and manage conversations, objects and records all from a single messaging interface.
Seamless integration lets users update records and objects, take actions or create new records, all from within Converse.
  • Conversational text messages can be sent from any record or pertinent page within the CRM.
  • Users can access key record or object information to create lists or send messages.
  • Messaging users can update CRM records and objects, and take actions, all from the Converse interface.
  • Native reporting and storage, as well as other CRM features are supported within Converse.
  • Converse is also integrated with popular mobile CRM applications.

See the Magic of Converse

Once you experience the magic of conversational text messaging with Converse, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

Just click the button below to get a FREE DEMO or TRIAL download.

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