By now, most companies understand the value of adding SMS messages as a communication channel. With such great open, read, and response rates, it’s really a no-brainer that messaging is the new channel. Marketing, Sales and Service teams in all industries and company sizes are leveraging text messaging to better connect with their audiences and are seeing serious increases in ROI. Companies that utilize text messaging in marketing and sales have 50% higher marketing ROI and 40% more conversions, 25% faster sales cycles with 47% larger purchases. Service teams are increasing their case handle rates by 10X with 3X lower costs to handle cases. One of the best ways to achieve these results with text messaging is to take advantage of Automate SMS Messages campaigns and messaging conversations.

Automate SMS Messages: The Challenge

The challenge? It’s really complex to create these automations. It takes a team that includes the business users and IT admins to design, custom code, test, update and finally deploy even simple automations. Our customers tell us that it can take weeks to launch a simple automated text campaign, and up to months for something more complex, like a nurture. With all the different triggers, rules and process flows that are involved for every type of automation, things quickly get complicated and unmanageable. Which means companies can’t take full advantage of the power of messaging.

That’s why we designed Converse Reference Campaigns and Automations. To eliminate the frustration and cost associated with automated SMS messages.  We want to be sure our customers can leverage the full power of text messaging, easily and effortlessly.

We created these automated messaging campaigns based on industry best practices for popular marketing, sales, and service use cases. Each industry has access to specific campaigns for their specific needs.

What Are Converse Reference Campaigns and Automations?

Campaigns and automations leverage the same fundamental messaging capabilities. They are simply used for different purposes. Campaigns tend to be focused on automated outbound conversations with your audience, for example a nurture campaign or survey. Automations tend support actions you want triggered, for example, an auto-response to a customer support request that includes creating a case and confirming that case to the customer.

Campaigns, or Reference Apps, offer complete, ready-to-use solutions for popular text messaging campaigns including message blasts, nurtures, surveys, scheduling and more. Each features everything you need to run a successful campaign, including best practices content templates for your industry, workflows and Process Builders to schedule/trigger and manage the messaging campaign, and out-of-the-box dashboards designed to deliver the specific insights you need to measure and manage that campaign.

Reference automations give you a pre-configured workflow for popular messaging automations. Simply tune the automation to your specifications and you’re ready to send SMS messages. For example, our Service routing automation comes pre-configured for service routing and is easily configurable to match your in-place rules. Text-to-lead and text-to-case automations assure immediate responses to sales and service requests.

In our next post in the Textpert Series, we’ll talk about how you can use Reference Campaigns and Automations in your own business to create sustainable competitive advantage by giving every single audience member a very personal touch.  Stay tuned!

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