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From the moment a prospect is handed off to sales from marketing to closed deals and customer service, automated text messaging can be leveraged throughout the entire customer journey to streamline communications, maximize productivity and create a better experience for both company team members and customers. Here are some ways our customers’ Sales, and Service teams utilize Reference Campaigns and Automations to surpass their goals.


Auto-Responses to Inquiries
The company who responds to an inquiry has 50% higher chance of getting the deal. Your sales reps can’t be online 24/7, but interested customers can be online at any time and they expect a response right away. Auto-responses allow you to send product info, company FAQS, data sheets, and any other type of information instantly when it’s requested. This way you can beat your competition to the response and keep your prospects interested.

Alerts and Routing
When a new sales lead or prospect comes in through the marketing pipeline, it’s important that the right sales rep gets alerted immediately so they can take action and start the sales process. With automated sales alerts and routing, sales teams know they aren’t letting new business slip through the cracks.

Did you know that 91% of customers would rather schedule meetings or appointments via text messaging instead of by phone? Don’t bother your sales team, admins or your prospects with the hassle of scheduling demos or sales calls via email or phone. Automated text message-based scheduling provides the option to see availability and schedule meetings or calls at any time of the day. With 97% contact rate with scheduling text messages, automated confirmation, reminders, and rescheduling messages reduce no-shows and make the process easier for everyone involved.

Application and Document Gathering
Going through any application or document gathering process is time consuming and messy when using email. Automating these processes with text messaging is easier and faster. Confirmation of receipt and reminders for docs or signatures needed help streamline the process.

Track Performance with Automated Reports & Dashboards
Visual reports give you real-time insights to manage individual reps and teams and analyze conversation trends and approaches that drive fast conversions. You can also track and tune outbound campaign results, plus manage budgets to optimize text messaging ROI by applying messaging to your best opportunities.

When you automate your text messaging processes to respond to inquiries first, get the right reps involved, schedule meetings, and streamline document gathering, you can easily increase your sales conversions by 40% or more and shorten your sales cycles by 25%.


Case Creation and Updates
Even when all your service agents are busy helping other clients, it’s important to acknowledge a customer when they reach out for help. With automated case creation messages and case updates, your customers always know what’s going on and they don’t have to sit around wondering.

It’s super frustrating for customers to be passed around to different service agents on the phone and it’s a total waste of time when you could instead automate case routing with Converse. Based on any criteria, you can decide how you want cases routed and make sure that the right people are solving your customers’ issues.

Customer Experience Surveys
When a case closes, immediately send an NPS survey question and capture the response in the record. If you receive a low score, you can automatically trigger a follow-up profiling survey to learn more about the issue, collect key insights for analysis and offer an interactive conversation with a manager or service leader to resolve the issue quickly.

Track Service Performance with Converse Dashboards
Track important performance metrics for your reps. Measure SLAs and response times, cases handled, NPS scoring at rep and Team level, rep workload, etc.

Converse empowers service teams to respond quickly, resolve issues faster and communicate more effectively. Our customers’ service reps handle 6X more cases at 30% of the cost and resolve them more quickly to drive customer satisfaction and increase NPS scores.

Automate your Sales and Service Messaging and See Your ROI Take Off

Whether you already utilize texting in your sales or service communications and want to learn how to boost ROI with automation or are completely new to texting for business and want to get started, we are always here to help you reach those goals. To see how Converse Reference Campaigns and Automations can work for your specific use cases, feel free to schedule a demo. Book a demo here or text “CONVERSE” to 36343 to experience automated text messaging on your phone.



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