SMS messages

From awareness to engagement, automated SMS messages can be leveraged throughout the entire customer journey to streamline communications, maximize productivity and create a better experience for both company team members and customers. Here are some ways our customers’ Marketing teams utilize Reference Campaigns and Automations to surpass their goals.

Compliant Opt-ins

We all know how important it is to stay compliant with regulations when communicating with our audiences. With our automated compliance app, you will always have peace of mind that you have consent to text your customers.

Converse compliance captures consent, tracks conversations and opt-outs in an audit record, then reports status. All data is stored in your Salesforce database to assure full audit trail protection. You focus on attracting more leads and moving them through your pipeline to sales, not potential legal issues.

Progressive Profiling

To send relevant and personal content to your audience, you need to know who they are. Converse progressive profiling allows you to automate the process of sending quick questions over time and progressively gather the data you need to build personas and have great insights into your audience. With the advent of more stringent regulations like GDPR, creating personal profile is more difficult than ever. Profiling solves that challenge for marketing.

Nurture Programs

Nurturing audiences with relevant and personalized content is a great way to stay top-of-mind and keep people engaged with your brand. Marketers know how time-consuming traditional email nurture programs are to build and deploy and also how bad email engagement rates are. Automated text messaging nurture programs are faster to set up and launch and get better engagement rates. That’s a win-win.

Events and Promotions

For time-sensitive marketing programs such as events or limited-time promotions, text messaging makes the most sense. By automating event messaging you can make sure your audience gets the message on time.

Tracking and Measuring your Marketing Campaigns and Automations

Converse dashboards give real-time results for key marketing metrics including compliance opt-ins, campaign results, Lead progression through the pipeline and other metrics to measure ROI.

Whether the goal is to build audiences or engage them, automated SMS messages are one of the best tools to use to ensure your marketing message gets out, gets read, and gets responses. With killer text message engagement performance of 90% read rates and 70% open rates, you can quickly increase your marketing ROI by 50% or more.

Automate your SMS Messages and See Your ROI Take Off

Whether you already utilize texting in your marketing, sales, or service communications and want to learn how to boost ROI with automation or are completely new to texting for business and want to get started, we are always here to help you reach those goals. To see how Converse Reference Campaigns and Automations can work for your specific use cases, feel free to schedule a demo. Book a demo here or text “CONVERSE” to 36343 to experience automated text messaging on your phone.

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