4 Tips for Recruiting with Text Messaging

With record high unemployment rates and more people looking for jobs, recruiters are getting flooded with applications. Managing the influx of applications might feel overwhelming, but text messaging for recruiting can help.

By using SMS messaging you can find talent faster, keep them engaged and manage the whole process more efficiently. Texting cuts time-to-hire by more than 50%. You’re able to quickly process a large volume of applications and automate many of the tedious tasks previously done manually.

Many companies and agencies have less resources because of the economic climate and filtering through more applications is going to be time consuming. Here are some tips on using text messaging for recruiting to help make the process easier for you and a better experience for your candidates.

Text Messaging Tips for Recruiting

Automate candidate profiling. You can automatically profile candidates by sending them questions via text messaging with simple keyword responses, skills  tests and questionnaires. This helps filter through candidates, saving you time.

Automate scheduling interviews and follow-ups. Scheduling interviews can be one of the more time consuming and tedious parts of recruiting. With text messaging you can automate the process. You can:

  • Provide interested candidates with a link to more details on the opportunity
  • Text a link to a schedule calendar that the candidate can then use to pick the time that works best for them
  • Send confirmation of the interview time
  • Automate reminders to help decrease no-shows and make it easy for the candidate to reschedule if needed

Faster conversations. By using text messaging you can quickly interact and converse with candidates. Those candidates are more likely to respond to a text than an email, leading to a faster and more successful overall hiring process. By expediting  the conversation, you’ll quickly know if the candidate is the right fit or if you need to keep looking.

Engage candidates with nurture campaigns. You can nurture quality candidates who have not yet been placed and  keep them interested should you have another position open up.

  • By sending them personalized and relevant content they will be more likely  to apply when new positions open up.
  • You can alert past candidates to relevant new job openings.
  • Send application instructions for new positions.

The Bottom Line

Companies and agencies are seeing a historic influx of applications as the economy hits historic levels of unemployment. Streamlining recruiting processes will be important in ensuring the right placement for candidates and to handle the high volume of applications across every industry. Text messaging allows you to automate many time consuming tasks, have faster conversations to speed along the process, and engage talented candidates to keep them in your pipeline for future positions.

If you haven’t yet adopted business text messaging for your team and want to learn more, schedule a demo and we’d be happy to share our expertise with you, answer questions and show you what text messaging can do for your business results.

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