Text Recruiting
Texting Top Talent: The New Wave of Revolutionary Recruitmen...

In today's fast-paced recruitment world, swift engagement with potential candidates is crucial to secure top

How to Counteract the ‘Big Quit’ and Hire Top Talent
How to Counteract the ‘Big Quit’ and Hire Top Talent wit...

Finding a great job has never been easy. But hiring talented people who fit well

4 Tips for Recruiting with Text Messaging
4 Tips for Recruiting with Text Messaging

With record high unemployment rates and more people looking for jobs, recruiters are getting flooded

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8 Ways SMS Messages for Staffing Fuels Success

Staffing is all about making the right connections at the right time. SMS messages for

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Forty eight percent of recruiting firms expect temporary placements to increase, according to Bullhorn’s 2017

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Facing a talent shortage? Consider passive talent. Seventy percent of potential candidates are passive talent,

Recruiting via texting
Recruiting via Texting Attracts More Millennial Candidates

Millennials are now the largest generation in the United States, according to Pew Research Center.

SMS texting
SMS Texting: A Recruiting Strategy to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Over 83% of talent leaders say talent is the number one priority in their organization,