3 Ways Text Messages Help Law Firms Generate New Business

Why should text messaging matter to a law firm? The answer is simple: Adding conversational messaging can help turn prospective inquiries into new clients by establishing connections quickly and efficiently.

Texting is already part of our daily lives, and it has changed the way in which we communicate, especially during the last 10 years. Recent studies show that approximately 6 out of 10 people would rather text a business than make a phone call or receive an email. It just makes sense for law firms to take advantage of this already-preferred avenue of communication.

Here are 3 ways text messaging can help your firm increase business:

Messaging helps you increase leads.

1. Messaging helps you increase leads.

We know that people seeking legal representation often shop around before hiring a law firm. Prospective clients want information without a lot of hassle. They generally don’t want to wait on hold to speak with someone, they don’t want to wait for a return call from a voicemail, and often they don’t want to leave a voicemail at all.

Messaging makes it simple and allows you to engage a prospective client immediately. The client can text a keyword to your law firm to start the process. A personalized automated response can serve as your initial introduction, can help give your client more information and can gather facts from the client about their situation. You can transition from automated messages to a member of your intake team whenever you want.

The faster a firm can respond to an inquiry, the greater the likelihood of turning a prospect into an actual client. Put another way, the first law firm to respond is the law firm that will win the business.

Messaging allows you to stand out from your competition.

2. Messaging allows you to stand out from your competition.

In a saturated legal market, a law firm needs to stand out from its competitors, and conversational text messaging can serve that purpose by allowing a swift and personalized response to inquiries. Your team can respond to inquiries quickly – putting an end to phone tag, missed emails and slow responses to client questions.

One of our customers, Kwartler Manus, uses Litify, a legal software program that integrates seamlessly with SMS-Magic. Everyone in their firm has a license to use SMS-Magic and because contacts are centralized in one place and easily accessed, all communications by clients are visible to all staff members. This means that anyone in the firm can respond to a message. If an attorney is in court, away from the office or otherwise unavailable, staff members can still keep clients updated about their cases.

Messaging allows you to automate routine processes

3. Messaging allows you to automate routine processes

Your team can respond to queries at all times of the day with automated responses – establishing instant connections with prospective clients. Your first message can introduce the firm, provide links to more information and let a prospective client know someone from your firm will get back with them as quickly as possible.

After the first text, messaging can help streamline the intake process. You can send, receive, and sign documents, as well as set up consultations, appointments and reminders. You can send updates and information on cases or verify that you received requested information. Establishing a relationship early helps build trust and assures your prospects and new clients that you care about them and their cases. 

In certain circumstances, such as in personal injury cases, text messaging allows clients to quickly and easily upload pictures pertinent to their cases.  This saves the firm and the client time and increases the firm’s revenue by freeing up time for staff members to concentrate on other issues.

Of course, not every situation will be appropriate to text messaging, especially for a law firm, but messaging can serve as an easy and convenient entry point to a conversation. With messaging, you can easily transition the conversation to an email or phone call. If your firm wants to grow your clientele and increase your bottom line, adding text-messaging can be your best solution!

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