How To Use Messaging to Nurture Leads In The Tech Industry

If you’re in the tech industry, you may be thinking about adding messaging to your communication strategy. Or maybe you’ve recently implemented conversational messaging, and you’re looking for ways to get the most out of it. Either way, we’re excited to share some proven tips to help your tech company gain more leads through messaging.

What makes conversational messaging such an effective way to connect with potential customers? Text messaging improves the quality, speed and relevance of your interaction with leads. When you use it effectively, your connection and conversion rates can skyrocket.

Transform Your Communication From Sporadic To Consistent

Transform Your Communication: From Sporadic To Consistent

One challenge most tech companies face is the need to connect with leads who are busy, distracted and often unavailable. They’re likely to let phone calls go to voicemail, and they probably won’t prioritize a call from an unfamiliar number. Their inboxes are probably overflowing, and they’ll quickly move past marketing emails.

When you do get their attention, it’s a best practice to follow up consistently for a period of time. By using text messaging, you increase the likelihood that your lead will read and respond to your outreach. Messaging allows for short and sweet responses that can keep the conversational ball rolling, even when your lead needs some time to fully respond. Here’s what a typical follow-up conversation might look like:


Hi, I saw you requested more information about our product on our site. When can we talk? Thanks, Jack.


Hi Jack. I’m in a meeting right now, but I could chat around 2PM. Is that ok? Thanks, Emily.

The average open rate for text messages is around 98%. Using conversational messaging, you’ll ensure that your leads not only see your outreach, but feel empowered to respond on a timeline that works for them.

Reduce No-Shows With Automated Reminder Texts

Product demos are often essential to winning leads in the tech industry. Arranging product demo meetings, however, can be frustrating and time-consuming. If one of your leads doesn’t show up for a scheduled product demo, their dedicated time slot is wasted.

Automated messaging can increase efficiency by reducing no-shows. You can easily schedule text reminders to go out the day before the demo and then 30 minutes or an hour before a scheduled appointment. If a lead needs to cancel or reschedule, they can let you know in seconds.

You can set up alerts so that reps are instantly notified by text and email, so they’ll have time to rearrange their day. They can reach out to other leads to fill the slot or dedicate the allotted time to another task. With automated appointment reminders, your reps can spend less time waiting and more time connecting.

Answer Leads’ Questions In The Moment

Answer Leads’ Questions In The Moment

When leads are evaluating their options, they may have questions for your reps at any time of day. If they ask a question but don’t get a response, they’re likely to lose interest and move on. Your reps, however, can’t be available 24/7. How can you avoid missed opportunities to answer questions and provide valuable information? Automated text messages combined with personal text messages are the answer.

You can set triggers for automated messages when your reps can’t respond within several hours. For example, when a lead contacts a rep by text after business hours, an automated message can let them know when the rep can respond. When a lead asks for more information through your website, you can send an automated message with a link to the information they need. You can write automated text messages beforehand, and they can display your normal tone of voice and friendliness.

Automated messaging solutions can also help to quickly field questions from leads. Using keyword responses, your leads can get instant answers to commonly asked questions. If a lead needs a more personalized conversation, a live rep can seamlessly step in to take over.

Or when a lead asks a question and the rep is in a meeting or deep in another conversation, but can respond within an hour, they can send a quick personal message, even if more follow-up is needed later. Multimedia messaging solutions (MMS) even empower your reps to send multimedia files. These can provide extensive information while costing minimal time and effort.

Follow Up By Sharing Special Offers

Follow Up By Sharing Special Offers

After an initial interaction with a lead, your rep may not have closed the deal. Even if a lead isn’t open to another phone call or face-to-face meeting right away, your rep can use messaging to reach out and share a special offer that might move the needle. Leads are less likely to feel pressured by text messages than by other forms of outreach. That’s why follow-up texts are often well-received, where other methods would be unwelcome.

The Bottom Line

When your tech company leverages conversational messaging with automated or personal messages, you can convert more leads while freeing up valuable time for your reps. Messaging enjoys a 40% response rate, so you’ll get more feedback from text messages than emails can deliver. Combined with your existing communication channels, messaging can help you and your prospective customers connect in respectful, convenient ways – serving their needs and growing your business.

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