Text message templates to accelerate sales

82% of customers expect immediate response to questions, while the average support response time is over twelve hours. When you  know how to use text message templates as part of a text messaging strategy, you will accelerate your sales and support responses. Even better, you’ll give your buyers the communication channel they prefer.

Text message templates can be used to both accelerate and improve the quality of your sales and support conversations. You’ll also onboard new reps and empower them to immediately begin to create relevant, compelling conversations as they select proven, powerful responses.

How to Use Text Message Templates to Accelerate Sales and Service

We all know that the reps who close more business  and resolve issues faster are the reps with the most  knowledge and experience.

Text message templates empower you to share the expertise of your best reps with all of your sales teams, easily and effectively.

Here’s how:

  • Research the most common buying questions asked by prospects, and/or the most common customer issues faced by support reps.
  • Then, gather the information/resolutions that your highly successful reps use to respond to these questions. Identify the answers that successful overcome the objection and move the deal forward, or quickly resolve the customer issue. Quite often there is more than one answer, so collect all the potential answers and resolutions.
  • Take all of these answers/resolutions and categorize them into groups, by the question or issue being asked.
  • Then, create text message templates for each of the categories and individual answers. Be sure to group  them based on the question or issue. You may need to use the same answer in multiple categories.
  • Share these rapid response/resolution templates with all of your reps as part of your text messaging interface. Your vendor should support the easy addition of such templates as part of the interactive Desk or Inbox reps use to send and receive messaging conversations.
  • Be sure you train the reps on how to search for and find, then use, the most appropriate templates to accelerate responses that  are relevant and right on the nose.

The graphics below share examples of Sales Rapid Response and Service Rapid Resolution templates.

Sales Rapid Response Template Example.


Support Rapid Resolution Template Example.

Text message templates to accelerate sales

The Bottom Line

Today’s digital buyers expect increasingly faster and more relevant responses to their inquiries and issues. We live in an immediate gratification world, and they expect immediate results from you and your business.

Text message templates guide your sales and service reps to create and send the most relevant responses to your audience’s questions and customers’ issues.

  • You get to easily leverage the best and brightest in your rep teams to increase the productivity of all your reps.
  • New reps quickly come up to speed to be effective in their initial messaging conversations.
  • Current reps get better and better at responding with relevant and compelling answers to questions and issues.
  • The productivity and results of your sales and service organization increases again and again as you continue to enhance templates to win business and serve customers.

Last week we talked about how to use SMS templates to increase marketing responses, create compelling nurtures and accelerate buyer profiling. Marketing uses templates to quickly create campaigns, assuring the content is the most compelling to individual buyer intents. If you missed that post, check it out here.

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