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One of the regular questions we get is about how business text messaging is better than personal SMS messages, or how it’s different. We’ve all become so accustomed to our personal texting on our cell phones, we assume that’s what we use for business texting. That’s not the case.

Can you imagine trying to respond to hundreds to thousands of texts on your phone? You can’t. For business text messaging to give you its full value, you need a platform that empowers you to manage all aspects of high volume text messaging in both and automated and interactive way.

The advanced capabilities available in a true business text messaging platform are diverse and powerful. Yet there are a number of ways that business text messaging differs from, and is more powerful than, personal text messaging.

We put together this infographic to share some of the highlights with you, as an introduction to the power of business text messaging.

business text messaging

If you haven’t yet adopted business text messaging or SMS messages and want to learn more, schedule a demo and we’d be happy to share our expertise with you, answer questions and show you what text messaging can do for your business results.



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